English 102

I have 30 minutes left in my English class and I’m bored so I’m writing this on paper. I’ll type it up later. I just needed to share my thoughts on a few things in Hollywood unfurling today.

First, I can’t believe Ashlee and Pete are breaking up. I mean, I never studied their relationship and I’m not the biggest fan of Fall Out Boy there is out there, but in all the 6 pictures I’ve seen of them, they’ve been happy. Even pictures as of 4 days ago, they were smiling and laughing in the shot. I hope that Pete isn’t blindsided by this too. It’s so sad, and it always makes me scared for all of the “happy” looking couples. Of course, I always get this feeling after a couple breaks up. I get afraid for Brad and Angelina, Nicole and Joel, and well… I can only name those two because Halle and Gabriel are in the middle of a big fight… They all have such adorable kids and what seems like such happy, healthy marriages. It’s so unfair. sigh It’s so very Stepford Wives, or Charlotte and Trey’s marriage from Sex and the City. The tabloids rip them apart some quick. As we speak they’re speculating and releasing horrible information just hours after the divorce was announced.

I do hope though, that they get joint custody and both get to see Bronx the same. He’s still so little, he couldn’t possibly understand what’s happening. But my thoughts on the reason Ashlee gave for the breakup are unbelievable. She “can’t deal” with Pete’s career? Uh… sweetie, you married a rockstar. Bands come and go, tours happen. You shouldn’t have said yes if you couldn’t handle him or his career. If she gets full custody, how is she going to support him? She had no job! I mean, sure, she has family money. New money. Oh, and that $25 bucks she made from Autobiography and Melrose Place. Pete has Fall Out Boy and Clandestine. He’s buddies with Gym Class Heroes, Cobra Starship, and he has this Black Cards thingy happening. He has a career. I just don’t get it. Is that what she couldn’t handle? He was out doing stuff? As I’m writing this I’m growing more and more against Ashlee. Is this a publicity stunt? Oh well, I’m over this topic.


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