Grammy Review

English class again. The class is in a computer lab where the computers don’t work. Go figure. So, I’m writing this on paper and typing later. I mention this instead of just copying it over, with you none the wiser, because my thoughts could have changed from then to now. (Sidenote: My favorite type of pens are free pens. My favorite free pens are the the Bic Grip Roller and the Bic clicky pens you get from State Farm. lol)

Anyhoo, the Grammys were on Sunday! Woo! I was so impressed. The past few years have been boring. I don’t think Justin Bieber won anything… but he had an awesome performance with Jayden Smith and Usher. I mean, I hate Ushers songs and strongly dislike Biebers music, but they both can entertain the s**t outta me! They can dance very well. And as for Jayden Smith… well, he’s a Smith. Him and Willow are my favorite kid performers. That family can do no wrong.

Lady Gaga: Her performance was AMAZING. I loved the song, she looked “normal.”

KATY! Love her. Her performance made me bawl like a BABY. Ugh, that wedding video? I’m a sucker. lol

So beautiful...

Oh, Rihanna. Besides your crazy red carpet look, you rocked. Drake better not have a girlfriend, or else you’re in trouble, and your Eminem performance was HOT.

That’s it for my performance review; stay tuned for my fashion and red carpet review.


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