China Glaze Haul

So, the other day I was lookylooing around Sally Beauty and stumbled upon the China Glaze section. (By all of this I mean I looked in my bank account, screamed “MONEY!!!” and drove above the speed limit to Sally, ran to the nail polish section, and clapped with joy.)

ANYHOO, I bought four polishes. Lubu Heels, Blue Sparrow, Rainbow, and today’s feature, Fairydust. (I also picked up my first set of nail swatch wheels. Which have helped me A LOT in my organization.) When I first swatched these four, Fairydust screamed at me. Which, anyone can see why.

Fairydust: I mean… DOOD. It’s a ton of holo glitter packed into a bottle with a clear base. I want to call it holographic, but it’s not really. It’s just like micro prisims instead of holographic. There’s no “rainbow” in my nails, just where the glitter is. I don’t know… it’s wierd, and weird is good. Here it is over a white base.

Lubu Heels: Oh, the beauty. Yes, I did buy this for it’s name. No, I didn’t care if it ended up being a banana colored lumpy mess. Yes, it did end up becoming one of my favorite nail polish colors ever. Lubu Heels is red glitter suspended in a black base. Enlarge for better detail. It’s in the same idea vein as Sinful Colors What’s Your Name. I love love love this polish, even though I haven’t worn it yet. I did however play with it on an empty nail swatch wheel.

Something went terribly wrong with this swatch, theres a fuzzy and I guess I missed some spots? 🙂 But the point is it has this beautiful frosted glass lit-from-within look to it. It’s definitely not a spring color, but I have some ideas for Halloween…..This is two coats of LH and one coat of Essie Matte About You.

Blue Sparrow: Oh, the mistake I made. I have been so excited for this color for months and months, and I finally got up the cahones to buy it. While I was picking out my colors, I had to make a decision. I held in my hands two blue glitter polishes. Blue Sparrow, and Dorothy Who. I chose Blue Sparrow because.. well… I’m not sure why. I love sparrows, maybe? Either way. This was with two coats. I know I could have built it up more, but for the sake of my swatches I did only two coats of every polish. I do love this, don’t get me wrong, I just wanted more… pizazz from only two coats which I’m almost positive Dorothy Who could’ve given me. It has a very sheer base coat that dries almost matte. The glitter is a little rough so you will need a thicker top coat to smooth everything out.

Rainbow: Ahh, a nice, refreshing color. It’s a simple white polish with a slight shimmer and a purple duochrome finish. And that’s about it… it swatched gorgeous. It’s very opaque for a white/a duochrome. Not much else to say about it. It will be featured in my next manicure, I’m sure. It makes me sigh. Enlarge the picture, take a gander, and you’ll find yourself smiling. It’s a happy color. Buy it and be happy.


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