Easter NOTD: China Glaze Lemon Fizz

China Glaze Lemon Fizz is a pastel yellow/buttercream/banana-ish yellow that kinda looked… meh on my skintone. It applied awesome however, and I like the color, just not on me. I had put pastel purple, blue, and green polka dots after, but it was a fail so I took it off and put just Lemon Fizz back on. It was my Easter mani! It was a dreeeeaaaammmm. Yellows just don’t look good on me. =)

xoxo Britni Rose

Moon Manicure Fail

This didn’t live long enough to see a topcoat or any clean up. It was never intended to stay on, it was just an experiment. An experiment that failed. Miserably. Horribly. I didn’t put the stickers right, I didn’t wait long enough, I picked horrendous color combos. Ugh. FAIL. FAIL. This is a fail.

The base was like 3 coats of Milani 3D Holographic HD, the red is Zoya Kirsti, the blue is China Glaze Shower Together.

I’m not going to elaborate on this too much. I feel embarassed. =)

My First Ever Birchbox! April 2011 — Earth Friendly!

OH. MY. GUCCI. It’s here! My first EVER Birchbox! And guess what? I squee’d. Out loud. Not just in text, but out loud! I’m not going to waste your time, so here it is!
I was so very very happy with this, my first ever Birchbox. If you don’t know what Birchbox is, it’s a $10/month service and you get 5-6 luxury samples from brands like Laura Mercier, NARS, Stila, benefit, Ahava, etc. Now, by luxury samples, I don’t mean those teeny little plastic or aluminum sleeves that give you a quarter of a use out of it, I mean trial/travel sizes. Awesome right?
Okay, so first off, I don’t have a picture of everything all nicely wrapped, because I tore it all up pretty instantly. Now, I had a feeling that something Zoya would be in this box– and I was right. It included a mini (as if Zoya could get any mini-er) of Jules from the intimate collection. She’s so pretty. Now, in this picture she looks purple– She’s not. This polish it’s tan. With golden shimmer. So pretty.
  • Birchbox says;
Zoya, Nail Polish in Jules
Green is glam, especially when it comes to Zoya’s super glossy lacquers. This versitile metallic hue is your new spring go-to. Full size: 0.5oz $8
Next up:
Juice Beauty, Green Apple Peel
This organic peel doesn’t mess around: natural fruit acids dissolve even the most tenacious dead cells for an immediately brighter, smoother complextion. Full size: 2 fl oz. – $45
Extra: Juice Beauty, Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer.
LIV GRN, Earth Eau de Parfum
– Made from biodegradable and sustainable ingredients, this lush scent is laced with jasmine and sandalwood. Plus, ten percent of sales go directly to Global Green. Full-size: 3.4 fl oz. – $60
I just dabbed some of this on my wrist, and wow  do I love it! It’s so soft and natural. You can’t smell any chemicals. It reminds me of when you first get out of the shower on a spring day. When there’s fresh air and a light breeze and sunshine, and you can still faintly smell the soap. This is very much a happy scent. It’s not exactly sexy, but it can be very breezy sexy. I love it. I’m a sandalwood fan. A++ on this one. I’ll use this sample up and then decide whether or not I’ll buy the full size. (and of course I’ll let you guys know.)
Weleda, Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Lotion
A silky lotion that adds major hydration without feeling heavy. Organic rosehip oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamins A and E, which work to soften and protect skin. Full-size: 1 fl oz. – $28
I think I’m going to try this first, then the Green Apple Peel above. I’m scared of the whole “peel” aspect.
EXTRA: Bloomin, Seed Paper
Even better than recyclable: Plant this homemade paper in soil, give it a little water, and watch it sprout into wildflowers.
Isn’t this so cute? It’s so pretty I don’t even want to plant it. Oh, but I will, of course. I love flowers. =)

Hello Kitty Konadicure of Awesome

So, this kind of should be called the Hello Kitty Konadicure Fail of Awesome. It is so so messy! Like, unforgivably messy. However, I like the end result even though I’m not a fan of Hello Kitty at all really, too much bright pink for me. But a few of my friends love HK, so this is dedicated to them.

The base is China Glaze Moonlight, from the Love Letters & Moonlight duo and Awakening collection. This is a milk white jelly that I’ll cover in a later post along with the 17 other polishes I bought Friday and Saturday. (Laser Lime, Borrowed & Blue, and Moonlight are 3/17) The iconic Hello Kitty stamp is from the Born Pretty M71 plate. I will be posting a review of that soon!

The Hello Kittys are done in Revlon Lycra 10 Day Wear in Pink Punk. I’ve decided that every Revlon polish is amazing for Konad stamping. They’re all completely opaque on the nail even though the layer of polish is less-than-paper thin.

I used Seche Base as a basecoat and Seche Vite as a topcoat. This may be the last time I use Seche Vite. I don’t need the life span provided by Seche Base or Seche Vite, and I’m sure I can find a just-as-glossy topcoat that doesn’t guarantee an asthma attack.

China Glaze GR8– Swatches, Review, Photos

basecoat, two coats, no top coat

This polish is AMAZEBALLS. China Glaze GR8 is not my color at all, but the holographic amazingness makes it a star in my collection. It makes me look reddish and splotchy. Gold is not my friend, but sometimes I’m in a gold or yellow or orange mood, so I pull out a color. This is a new color I got off eBay a few days ago, for like $3.99 plus $3.00 shipping and handling. So… yeah. Awesome right?

This applied beautifully, just like the Tronica collection. The holo in it isn’t as crazy vibrant in real life like it is in this picture. I mean, it is, but only under rare lighting. I don’t think it’s anything to discount the collection, I think it’s just the color. I’ll compare it to another once I get them. =)

China Glaze Tronica Laser Lime Wear Test

Look at the rainbow-y goodness!

Here is the wear after four days with China Glaze Laser Lime from the Tronica collection. Tip wear is pretty extreme, but the one on my index finger was a boo boo from opening up a package. The industrial glue-tape-gunk melted my polish off. It was scary. I actually didn’t notice any wear because of the color of the polish. Even now when I look down I can’t see it, and no one else can either but my crazy awesome camera can catch it. Still, I love this polish. I just got a new one in the mail today! I’m so excited!

The wear was pretty normal for me, if not longer lasting than usual. This was with no basecoat, either, so I think that’s pretty awesome. I honestly don’t think there’s anything negative to say about this polish at all… Well, I’m off to go change my polish now!

China Glaze Tronica Collection: Laser Lime- Swatches, Review, Photos

two coats, one coat Seche Vite, no basecoat

Now we’re rockin’! China Glaze Laser Lime from the Tronica collection, is a bright spring green with holographic glitter. Now, this is a Sally Beauty exclusive, I believe, because instead of getting Anchors Away, Sally is getting Tronica and Treasures. I picked up Laser Lime and Cyberspace. (Along with 8 OTHER POLISHES) as part of their Buy 2, get 1 free sale through April. I immediately put this on, I was so glad to get rid of Essie Borrowed & Blue. This color is… phenominal. Not only in general, but on me. I can’t believe that the Sally Tronica display was FULL. It’s been full for a month or two now! I bought the first ones. And I know why– in the bottle, this look gorgeous, but not holographic at. all. If you bring a bottle over to the window, still no holo. But I figured, it’s still so so pretty in the bottle, with the way the glitter is (how it looks in the picture above) that it’s so worth it. So I only got two from this collection, but will be returning to get the rest of it because, when you hit just the right lighting, you get a full on scattered holographic rainbow in your nails. You mostly can see the yellow and orange due to the base colors warmness, but there are the other ROYGBIV colors in there too. It applied like a dream, I didn’t use a basecoat, and it just glided on and dried, with no issues. I have no lumps, bumps, dents, or bubbles. Perfect polish. I’m so happy.

Final Verdict: Go buy this and the rest of the collection now. But not before I do. Don’t you dare take my polishes. >:D

Essie Borrowed & Blue NOTD– Swatch, Review, Photos

basecoat, two coats, top coat

First off, this is not what’s on my nails now. Why? Because it was a fail. Essie hates me. However, this is one of the prettiest colors I’ve ever seen. Essie Borrowed & Blue is a light, pastel, eggshell blue creme. I’ve been looking at extremely light colors like China Glaze Bahamian Escape and OPI What’s With The Cattitude? I went to Ulta to pick up some of the Shrek collection and missed it by one. day. So, I was wondering aimlessly, mourning the loss of the perfect spring pastel blue, when I spotted the Essie Borrowed & Blue display. There were some pinks and whites, and THIS. This beautiful, pastel bottle of perfection. I ran home and rubbed China Glaze’s GR8 out of existance and put this on.

And that’s about where the awesome stopped. The formula SUCKED. It was so patchy and goopy, even for a thin, even coat. After two coats it became opaque, but it took almost 45 minutes to dry– with a coat of Seche Vite! Then I had to rush around and find my work pants, and totally messed up my pinky nail. So I took it off and tried reapplying with out a basecoat, and guess what? One coat, completely opaque, dried with no issues completely in 10 minutes. (Click on the picture above and compare ring finger to pinky). Now, I had the same exact issue with Nice Is Nice, so I’m going to try that color again with no basecoat. That seems to be the trick.

Final Verdict: Excellent color, opacity, and dry time– with no basecoat. If you use a basecoat, you get a gloopy, messy ick on your nails. (Compare ring finger to pinky)

House of Harlow 1960 “Nicole” Sunglasses in Black

So I won a giveaway from Nicole Richie Fashion and The Trend Boutique, in which they gifted me the most beautiful pair of sunglasses I’ve ever seen. Yes, the HoH1960 “Nicole” Sunglasses in Black. As you may or may not know, House Of Harlow 1960 is designed by the one and only Nicole Richie, named after her adorable daughter, Harlow Winter Kate Richie-Madden. I’m not only a huge fan of Nicole, through my decade long love affair with her husbands’ band, Good Charlotte, but I love her style. It’s like we’re style twins, with her being the good, put together one, where I’m the ‘but-I-tried’, worse off twin. =) As you should know, the Trend Boutique has their own blog here on WordPress! Which you can read here. Now, I have to say, I’m a window/online shopping addict. My grandfather says I have a champagne taste on a wine cooler budget. Which is SO true. So I love surfing their online store and dreaming of my future job that allows me to point, click, and buy almost every single thing on that site. It’s amazing, really. But let’s get to the pictures.

Ahhh. Now I just have to go get some contacts. =D

April 2011 Birchbox has shipped!

OH EM GEE! I’m so so so excited about this! Yesterday I got an email saying my FIRST EVER BIRCHBOX has shipped! And even better, they said that that they’re all earth friendly products! EEEEK! It’s like they know me! Now, I’m aware that so far this blog post hasn’t exactly contained the most English-teacher approved writing, but that’s my excited typing. Imagine me screaming “SQUEE” at the top of my tiny little lungs. Not to mention, today the weather is AMAZING! It’s 80 degrees, and storms later (which I’m terrified of) but only while sun’s up, therefore, I am not worried. Which, for April in NY, is like, heaven is shining down on us. XD

The email says,

Hi Britni,

Welcome to Birchbox – your first box has shipped! This month, we’ve gone green in a big way. From our package design (fuchsia takes a month off) to our products (all earth-friendly), we’ll show you that eco and chic go hand in hand. We also have articles and tips to help you be more mindful year-round, plus promotions you won’t want to miss.

Like, um… SQUEEEE! I’ll be posting pictures, posts, updates and maybe even a video (gasp, I know…) about this Birchbox experience. I’m SO excited. They even changed the packaging just to welcome me!

xoxo Britni