Visited an Ulta, spent some money, here’s the results. 😉

First up! China Glaze Crackle Glaze Lightning Bolt! I finally found the Crackle Glazes, it only took like 6 sold out stores. Now… I’m sort of disapointed in this, in a wierd way. It’s everything I expected it to be, but it just doesn’t wow me in person… I put it on my mom over China Glaze Dorothy Who, and it’s just not fantastic. Maybe some day I’ll love it. Just not now.

China Glaze Peace On Earth: This is from the Christmas collection. It’s a super duper pretty olive base with super gold glimmer. It is absolutely STUNNING in person. And if you slap a matte top coat over it… OH EM GEE. Here’s an example. I did a glossy tip, and WOW. I’m growing my nails out so I can do this on myself.

Amazing right?! Love Essie Matte About You. Alright. Let’s move on.

China Glaze Sea Spray Ahhh, I love this color. From the latest Anchors Away collection. I picked this one up first instead of First Mate, Starboard, Pelican Gray, Hey Sailor, or Life Preserver, (I have a bit of a thing for cremes) because of it’s spring color. I’ll grab some of the others more towards summer. This is a GORGEOUS, amazing slate blue. It’s very close to gray, but has just enough blue in it to make it pop. It’s actually just the slightest bit darker in person. It applied kinda gloopy, but I was rushing, and I don’t think my basecoat was completely ready. I did thicker coats than usual, and I’m going to give this wonderful little guy a second chance. And even if it ends up bad again, the color is way too good to give it up. It’s super opaque in just two coats. A must have.

L.A. Colors Color Craze Blue Lagoon is a midnight blue base with just a subtle silver shimmer. I bought this because this is my moms favorite color. I already have Revlon Midnight Affair, which is the same, with the exception of blue micro glitter instead of silver. So… it’s an extra bottle I don’t really need, but this is a good polish, extremely opaque, but not too thick. And at the price tag of a whopping $1, you can’t really beat it. (This was picked up at Family Dollar, not Ulta. ;))

L.A. Colors Color Craze Tropical Storm is a charcoal gray chrome silvery shimmer-y polish. Super pretty. Suuuuuper pretty. It’s wicked opaque, perfect formula, and only ONE DOLLAR. I have nothing bad to say about it. I don’t have an exact dupe for this. I have Sinful Colors Secret Admirer, which is similar in color, but has actual silver glitter in it, not shimmer, and the base is ever so slightly darker.

Another Family Dollar find, L’Oreal Bijou Facets in B. Innocent. This polish is the strangest thing ever. It’s like an angelic sheer white with an ice blue duochrome and these teeeeny tiny blue bar glitters, I think. It’s so difficult to understand. It kind of reminds me of a snocone, or fiberglass or something. I can’t put my finger on it. It’s amazing for layering, or a slight hint of color, but it could never be opaque.

DOLLAR STORES ARE THE WORLDS BEST INVENTION. I found Maybelline Colorama Laser Light Top Coats in Blazes of Crystal. It’s a clear base loaded with multicolor reflective flakes. Sound familiar? Sound a little bit like nubar 2010? Well, you’d be right. They’re so so similar. But, while nubar 2010 has auburn, yellow, and green flashes, BoC has blue, pink, purple, as well as a red-ish, yellow, and green flash. But they look very similar on the nail.

Maybelline Blazes of Crystal, see the rainbow flakes? It reminds me of that children's book, The Rainbow Fish.

nubar 2010, see? Different.

nubar 2010. Well, let just throw these up next to each other. You can see how different they seem to be. I swear, nubar is a flake polish! It’s absolutely amazing for layering over black, and for a subtle edginess, just by itself. This will be amazing over black for Halloween and over gold or silver for Christmas.

DUM DA DA DUM! I present OPI Black Shatter! It’s everything it’s cracked up to be! I don’t have many words for this, so I’m going to just post pictures. (*Note, apply this baby thick and diagonally, and you have magic on your nails.)

Over ChG Fairy Dust and WnW Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire

Over ChG Peace On Earth and Ruby Pumps

Dorothy Who

Sea Spray and Femme Fatale

Rising Star

Over Sea Spray, Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire, Fairy Dust, Peace On Earth, and Ruby Pumps.

Over Dorothy Who, Ulta Lotsa Luxe, and SC Forget Now.

OKAY. That’s it for Part I of this uber-mega-haul. Tomorrow (hopefully) I will upload the rest. I’ve been so distracted today, this post took me 7 hours! Yeah, exactly. =) See you here tomorrow! Don’t forget to subscribe and comment! I always like your feedback!


One thought on “MEGA HAUL! (Part ONE)

  1. Again, I know very little about all this outside of what I’ve learned from you. But I’ve gotta say the Black Shatter stuff is awesome. It looks so damn cool. XD


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