April 2011 Birchbox has shipped!

OH EM GEE! I’m so so so excited about this! Yesterday I got an email saying my FIRST EVER BIRCHBOX has shipped! And even better, they said that that they’re all earth friendly products! EEEEK! It’s like they know me! Now, I’m aware that so far this blog post hasn’t exactly contained the most English-teacher approved writing, but that’s my excited typing. Imagine me screaming “SQUEE” at the top of my tiny little lungs. Not to mention, today the weather is AMAZING! It’s 80 degrees, and storms later (which I’m terrified of) but only while sun’s up, therefore, I am not worried. Which, for April in NY, is like, heaven is shining down on us. XD

The email says,

Hi Britni,

Welcome to Birchbox – your first box has shipped! This month, we’ve gone green in a big way. From our package design (fuchsia takes a month off) to our products (all earth-friendly), we’ll show you that eco and chic go hand in hand. We also have articles and tips to help you be more mindful year-round, plus promotions you won’t want to miss.

Like, um… SQUEEEE! I’ll be posting pictures, posts, updates and maybe even a video (gasp, I know…) about this Birchbox experience. I’m SO excited. They even changed the packaging just to welcome me!

xoxo Britni


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