China Glaze GR8– Swatches, Review, Photos

basecoat, two coats, no top coat

This polish is AMAZEBALLS. China Glaze GR8 is not my color at all, but the holographic amazingness makes it a star in my collection. It makes me look reddish and splotchy. Gold is not my friend, but sometimes I’m in a gold or yellow or orange mood, so I pull out a color. This is a new color I got off eBay a few days ago, for like $3.99 plus $3.00 shipping and handling. So… yeah. Awesome right?

This applied beautifully, just like the Tronica collection. The holo in it isn’t as crazy vibrant in real life like it is in this picture. I mean, it is, but only under rare lighting. I don’t think it’s anything to discount the collection, I think it’s just the color. I’ll compare it to another once I get them. =)


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