China Glaze Atlantis — Photos, Swatches, Review



I’m just realizing how crummy these swatches are… I’ve been sick and out of blogging commission. I’ve been having a huge asthma problem, and nail polish fumes are no bueno for the oxygen levels. So, unfortunately crappy swatches, messy and depressed cuticles, and awkward hands positions.

China Glaze re-released Atlantis as part of their Treasures collection to go along with the Tronica glitters.

COLOR: Atlantis is a deep teal with holographic glitter. The base is sheer and maybe even jelly-ish. This looks like water when the light moves across the nail. It sparkles and dances on that gorgeous teal/aqua base.

APPLICATION: This applied slightly uneven, as you can see in the pictures, but I can honestly forgive this. I kept staring at my hands. I’m a sucker for holo.

WEAR: While this didn’t stay on for long, China Glaze usually lasts anywhere between a week or two weeks with only minor chips on me. I know that’s extremely abnormal, but it’s the truth. I guess the formula just likes my body chemistry?

This is a must-have for any true China Glaze fan. Go buy it. Now. I know you can get it at Sally Beauty for $5.99, and Sally usually has some sort of deal on China Glaze. It’s also available on many online retailers.



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