China Glaze Poolside Collection: Flip Flop Fantasy




Flip Flop FANTASTIC! Do you see that neon-y awesome?!

COLOR: Neon coral. It’s a more pink coral than orange.

APPLICATION: Application was a nightmare. It took three super uneven coats, two coats of Seche Vite, another coat of polish, then a topcoat of Seche Vite. It wasn’t the formula though, it was about 100 degrees, super humid. We were also painting our living room, and the paint was drying super fast! So, naturally, I had to paint my nails with a superfast drying NEON MATTE NAIL POLISH. (haha)

WEAR: The wear wasn’t very good, only 12 or so hours before some serious chips started setting in. Again, I believe this to be because of the aforementioned weather.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I… I should try this again before I judge it… 🙂 But the color, once smoothed out, is crazy! The color true to life is the glowing one in the bottle. I know, right?!




3 thoughts on “China Glaze Poolside Collection: Flip Flop Fantasy

  1. I REALLY like this color. I’m not into hot pinks, but this has enough orange or “coral” in it that I think I could pull it off.


  2. This looks really good on you! I’ve been so into corals lately…with polish and clothes! Next time you try this put on a coat of white polish first. I just wore Sun Worshipper last weekend and it was a lot easier to work with on top of the white. I’m subbed to you via email now. 🙂


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