News: June Birchbox has shipped!

Your June Birchbox has shipped! This month, we’ve got quite the case of wanderlust. Whether you’re headed on a European odyssey or sticking close to home, we have travel-ready products for all your summer adventures.

YAHOOO! You know how I love my Birchboxes. While I’m not planning on traveling, I still am like a 6 year old on Christmas every month. This will be my third BB, and I’m loving it. Even though they’re small sample sizes, you’re getting way more than $10 worth. And every month you get more points to get a discount off the full sizes!

Now… I am aware I never posted my May BB, and I’ve been a little absent from here, that’s because my personal life has been a little… chaotic. Not to have too much of a pity party, but there it is, out on the table. I’m in the mood/have the right mindset/have time to be posting on a more regular basis, and I have so many pictures to upload. So… let’s get crackin’! See you all soon! Don’t forget to subscribe and comment! If I get enough, gifts WILL be given.


One thought on “News: June Birchbox has shipped!

  1. I liked seeing the products from the first Birchbox. I’d never heard of something like that before, and the products were varied, and interesting. So when you get a little more time, and are a little less overwhelmed by life, I’d be very interested in seeing the second and (then) third Birchboxes. 🙂


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