Zoya Ivanka | Reviews, Photos, Swatches

This pretty little girls name is Ivanka.

COLOR: She’s a deep true green, leaning towards blue, with golden shimmer. When the light hits it, it almost looks like a foil. She’s pretty. Really pretty.

APPLICATION: Application was great. This was three coats for full opaqueness.

WEAR: I’m using my brand new Nubar Foundation and Diamont, so I can’t say too much on the wear. I took this picture today, the third day of wear. As you can see, there’s some pretty good tip wear.


Harry Potter Nails!

Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw

Gryffindor and Slytherin

Ravenclaw | China Glaze Frostbite and Unplugged

Hufflepuff | China Glaze Solar Power and Wet N Wild Black Creme

Gryffindor | China Glaze Mega Bite and Ruby Pumps

Slytherin | China Glaze Hologram and Sally Hansen Jumpin’ Jade.

Some LA Colors showed up in my mailbox.

So, lets see what I got!

Splash | Nearly opaque in one coat. Opaque and super glossy in two coats. A deep sky blue. Super pretty.

Treasure Island | This one was thick and gloopy. Kinda gross, actually. This picture was two coats. This would look stunning over both black and white, but you’d need to have a nice, thick topcoat.

L.A. Colors Nail Polish Remover Pads | These things are awesome. While it’s not a revolutionary concept, this is the only product besides Deborah Lippmann’s Stripper To Go mitts that I like. I’ll have to look and see if there are other scents, but for on-the-go polish fixes, these are the best. They leave your nail hydrated and clean. The only downside is that the container dries out fairly quickly. I try to put the top on as fast as I can, and I have put a little bit of nail polish remover in it since to liven it up a bit.


For the dollar store price, you can’t really beat the quality. Splash is an excellent color, and the remover pads are excellent. Treasure Island can be passed up on though.


These products were sent to me to be considered for review. For more information, see my Disclosure Policy.


China Glaze Metro Collection for Fall 2011

Awwww yeah! New China Glaze! I’ve been waiting for this collection for so long now.  It’s a fall collection with a brown-red and an olive green. :O AND NEW YORK CITY.

Brownstone | Burnt terracotta creme mirrors the quaint townhouses of the city.

City Siren | The perfect deep, red creme to match any outfit.

Lofy-y Ambitions | Burgundy shimmer and cocktail hour — nothing better.

Traffic Jam | Stop traffic with a breathtaking, raspberry pink creme.

Urban Night | Exactly what you need for a night on the town — rich purple creme.

CG In the City | Glittering dusty purple, bronze and silver multi-tonal glitter, perfect for a pop of edge from West side to East side.

Midtown Magic | Burgundy base filled with flecks of gold-shimmer captures the latest fashion trend.

Concrete Catwalk | Steel gray creme is amazing for a chic mani.

Skyscraper | A sparkling, glitter blue reminiscent of the sky over the city.

Street Chic | This gorgeous beige creme is the perfect go-to shade letting your clothes do the talking.

Trendsetter | Mustard yellow shimmer translates beautifully from hot dogs to nails.

Westside Warrior | For the trendsetting woman this camo green creme is to die for.


The China Glaze Metro collection will be available in a 6 piece “Downtown” box collection and an “Uptown” 6 piece collection.

"DOWNTOWN" includes: Skyscraper, Concrete Catwalk, Westside Warrior, Trendsetter, Loft-y Ambitions and Midtown Magic.

"UPTOWN" includes: CG In The City, Urban-Night, Traffic Jam, City Siren, Street Chic, and Brownstone.

China Glaze announced the collection would be released in July 2011, but it will be available everywhere in August.


Nicole by OPI: Kardashian Kolors

YES. DID YOU SEE THAT TITLE? THE KARDASHIANS ARE TAKING THE NAIL INDUSTRY. I can’t even. I’ll be buying every single color. This is all I have to say about this. Even though I can’t stand Nicole by OPI’s bottles, I’ll deal with it for these.

Let’s get to it.

It’s All About The Glam | Shimmering-white glitz for the glamorous gal!

Kim-pletely in Love | Finally! The pink of her dreams has arrived.

All Kendall-ed Up | Powder your nose and get some pink on those toes!

Wear Something Spar-Kylie  | Glitter-ly the prettiest pink ever!

Sealed With A Kris | Handle with care: This klassy red is top-of-the-line!

Kourt is Red-y for a Pedi | And this captivating coral looks “fab” on everyone!

Rainbow in the S-Kylie | Girls just wanna have… glitter in every color!

Disco Dolls | Glittery gold glam gone wild!

Kendall on the Katwalk | A head-turning blue-green with a “sparkling” personality!

Follow Me on Glitter | A glittery deep gray that always has something to say!

Listen to your Momager! | If you don’t, you’ll never see this fabulous blue again!

My Empire… My Rules | This take-charge taupe is always on-trend.

Khloe Had A Little Lam-Lam | A deep dark emerald worth falling for.

Hard Kourt Fashionista | This delicious deep brown is the chicest hue in town!

OPI Miss Universe Collection


Here I have for you today is the OPI Miss Universe Collection for Summer/Fall 2011. There’s four new colors, including a silver glitter, a gorgeous blue, and two beautiful pinks.


Crown Me Already! | A sassy silver sparkle that knows what it’s worth.

Swimsuit… Nailed It! | An itsy bitsy teenie weenie vibrant shiny-blue bikini.

Congeniality Is My Middle Name | And berry-wine shimmer is what I do best!

It’s MY Year | It’s about time for this champagne-rose to shine!


This is a limited edition collection available August 2011 at professional salons, including Beauty Brands, Beauty First, Chatters, Dillard’s, JCPenny, Pure Beauty, Regis, Trade Secret, and ULTA for $8.50 USD ($10.95 CAN) suggested retail.

Now, I don’t know if it’s clear yet… but I’m not the biggest fan of pinks… But It’s MY Year looks interesting, if it’s not a dupe for Zoya Faye.


China Glaze Haul! Photos, Swatches

This is going to be a quick post. Photos, some knowledge of the color, and that’s it. I’ll get more in depth with these colors once I wear them again. WARNING: Messy cuticles ahead!

China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint | A minty green, the color in this picture is accurate. All of these pictures are messy because I was in a hurry. This is messiest because the formula sucks. It’s all bubbly and icky and thick. Mints always do this to me. ALWAYS. I’ve tried all sorts of combinations of basecoats and topcoats and wait times in between each coat, and I’m pretty sure it’s my personal chemistry vs. mint pastel greens.

China Glaze Fifth Avenue | Another Audrey Hepburn-obsession acquisition. I know this probably has nothing to do with Breakfast at Tiffany’s. But I am a sucker for both names and packaging. I’ll buy something I hate if it looks cute. On top of the awesome name, this is an amazing polish. This is ONE medium coat. It’s super glossy, quick drying, completely even and opaque. Excellent consistency and texture. The color dried slightly darker than the bottle color, as you’ll see. The color seems a little “old,” but I’ll wear it in the fall. It reminds me of home. Not sure why. It just glided on the nail and went where it was supposed to. Excellent formula.

China Glaze Innocence | Innocence is a sheer pink french manicure type color. The picture above is with four coats. The first coat was super uneven, with barely any color. Second coat, high shine, some color, slightly uneven. At four coats it was at a perfect jelly finish, nearly opaque, and a tolerable VNL. Five coats will probably bring her up to be fully opaque.

China Glaze Strawberry Fields | I only bought this because it’s a basic. Just like For Audrey, or a holographic. If you’re going to call yourself a China Glaze collector, you better have this one. It’s a pink shimmer with gold glass flecks. GORGEOUS. This was two coats, with some VNL.

China Glaze Seduce Me | I don’t see the point of this picture, it’s nothing close to the real thing. This looks red. It’s a gorgeous wine color. It’s actually my favorite color ever. Nearly perfect in one coat, this is shown with two. The polish just went where it’s supposed to, no mess or anything.

Zoya Harlow | Photos, Reviews, Swatches

So, as it may or may not be known, depending on how you know this blog, I love Good Charlotte. My mother loves Lionel Richie. When Lionel’s daughter, Nicole, started dating Good Charlotte’s lead singer Joel Madden, I just about cried. When I learned that beautiful Nicole was pregnant, I did cry… because that was the day my dream of marrying him died. Now I love his entire family as they are – a family. Little Harlow Winter and even littler Sparrow James have crawled into my heart and made me fall in love. When I learned that my second favorite nail polish brand had a polish named Harlow, I donned my Polish Hunter wig (Shrek reference) and hit the internet. And that’s how we come to this post. This came in the mail the other day and I immediately put it on my digits. And fell in love. I don’t like purple, and I don’t like most pinks, but I love this perfect rose wine color. And it’s matte, which makes it unique and superb.

Then, as Miss Scrangie herself suggested, I put a nice, shiny topcoat on top of this gem and:

(Ring finger) Isn’t it amazing?! Click on the picture to see full size.

It’s a rose wine hybrid mix of awesome gorgeousness. It dries matte, so it dries at the speed of lightning. This was ONE COAT. ONE COAT.

I’d tell y’all to run out and get this polish, but don’t. Because I want to buy them all myself. You can wear this matte for the winter, shiny in the fall, and even in the summer! It’s bright enough to be considered summer-y in MY book. 😀



Sephora by OPI | Don’t Feed The Hand Models — Photos, Reviews, Swatches

Sephora by OPI released it’s Safari Luxe mini polish pack containing a nude, a dusty green, and an orange with shimmer. So I made it mine. This is SOPI Don’t Feed The Hand Models.

COLOR: This is a beige nude creme. Even though the flash would make you think not, this is actually a pretty good match to my skin tone. It makes me look super yellow here though.

FORMULA & APPLICATION: The formula on this was so-so. Application sucked, due the mini sized bottle, brush, and handle. It was like painting my nails with a needle. Or a nail art pen. Either way, it all surmounted to an uneven, patchy finish. This is three coats.

WEAR: This wore really good. This was day two with no tip wear or chips. Amazing.

When I did finally get some tip wear, I turned to Konad to revive the mani.

This was SOPI Caught With My Khaki’s Down stamped with Konad M57 and topped with one coat Seche Vite. I love this color combo. I kept this on for three whole days.

I love the pattern on this finger.


Do you have and Sephora by OPI polishes? Do you find they’re worth the extra dollar?