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So, as it may or may not be known, depending on how you know this blog, I love Good Charlotte. My mother loves Lionel Richie. When Lionel’s daughter, Nicole, started dating Good Charlotte’s lead singer Joel Madden, I just about cried. When I learned that beautiful Nicole was pregnant, I did cry… because that was the day my dream of marrying him died. Now I love his entire family as they are – a family. Little Harlow Winter and even littler Sparrow James have crawled into my heart and made me fall in love. When I learned that my second favorite nail polish brand had a polish named Harlow, I donned my Polish Hunter wig (Shrek reference) and hit the internet. And that’s how we come to this post. This came in the mail the other day and I immediately put it on my digits. And fell in love. I don’t like purple, and I don’t like most pinks, but I love this perfect rose wine color. And it’s matte, which makes it unique and superb.

Then, as Miss Scrangie herself suggested, I put a nice, shiny topcoat on top of this gem and:

(Ring finger) Isn’t it amazing?! Click on the picture to see full size.

It’s a rose wine hybrid mix of awesome gorgeousness. It dries matte, so it dries at the speed of lightning. This was ONE COAT. ONE COAT.

I’d tell y’all to run out and get this polish, but don’t. Because I want to buy them all myself. You can wear this matte for the winter, shiny in the fall, and even in the summer! It’s bright enough to be considered summer-y in MY book. 😀




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