One Last Apology, I Promise

So, as many bloggers experience, there’s some sort of spike of crap in their lives. I’ve had a whole summer. Between health problems, work, and some other stuff, I’ve neglected you, my dear readers. I’m sorry.

However, I’m back and bloggier than ever, and I’ve been taking quick pictures of manicures that I think are blog worthy, when really I’ve just been painting my nails in whatever mood I’ve been in. I haven’t had time for any art or Konad, or even any accent design contrasts. I’ve just been throwing on a couple of coats and keeping my nails short. I’m talking tiny. And I love it! I’ve been wearing tons of blues and greens lately, with the bulk being Zoya Ivanka… Man, do I have a love affair with that color or what?

So that’s what I’ve been up to. I’ve been thinking of doing Halloween and NFL themed nails… what do you guys think? Tis the season, right?

What have you guys been up to? Anything big happen? Babies? Puppies? Good music? Anything bad you want to talk about? Tell me.

~ Britni Rose


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