Happy Holidays with China Glaze Love Marilyn! — Photos, Swatches, Review

Hello folks! Today I have one of China Glaze’s newest polishes, from the Eye Candy collection, in which each is polish has a Marilyn Monroe theme. I’m not a huge fan of glitters, so I didn’t get the whole collection, instead I only got three. The first one I have to show you is Love Marilyn, as I was feeling über festive.

Love Marilyn is absolutely packed with red glitter and fewer larger silver hexagon (I think) glitter in a clear base. It’s shown here with three coats, and unless you want to spend three hours getting it off, should probably be best to layer with.

Application was as to be expected from a glitter like this. Thick, kinda hard to work with. It’s super gritty when you’re done and needs a couple layers of a thicker topcoat to feel smooth. I used three or four coats of China Glaze Fast Forward and it still feels lumpy.

As I was picking off the price stickers on my christmas presents as I was wrapping them, a tiny chunk decided to pop off, but other than that, it’s been 24 hours and everything is still in place. Except that one chip. I won’t keep this on much longer because I can’t stand the grittiness, but it’s a super sparkly gorgeous polish that is absolutely perfect for the holiday. Also, I can usually get a week out of China Glaze polishes, and I’m rough on my nails.


I hope all of you have an excellent holiday season! I have the perfect polish for New Years Eve too! More on that in a few days 😉



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