Kind of a random post/ Fashion in a strange place.

So, I know you guys don’t know that much about me, so here’s a tidbit: I love fashion. I love events, I love fashion events. But these you could probably deduce. But I also love sports. Not playing them of course, egad. I love football and baseball is growing on me due to my brother playing the sports. At first I did the girly thing and liked the teams that looked the best, (Seattle Seahawks and Baltimore Ravens) but now I actually have some opinion on some of the players and teams on a more active level. ANYWAY. We were watching the Rose Bowl and I noticed something out of the norm — Oregon’s helmets were… chrome… So I’ve decided to start a little series for inspiration, and it’s going to be called Football Fashion. I know, I’m completely ruining the manliness here in one fell swoop. One plus? I’ve finally quit calling them “outfits”! XD


So I’ll be starting with the mack daddy of them all – the Oregon State Ducks!


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