Football Fashion: Georgia Bulldogs

Today I have another installment of my mini-series called Football Fashion. It’s just to get myself amped up for the Superbowl! Aww yeah FOOTBAWL! XD Alrighty, let’s get to it.

Photo Credit: Nike

Hello, Bulldogs!

Upper: The jerseys are mostly Cardinal red, with black numbers, shoulder caps, and lettering. The sitting around the numbers, the Nike swoosh, and the Bulldogs logo are in white. The under shirts are red half sleeves with black lettering. Black and red gloves added in there make the players look like executioners or something.

Lower: Red pants, black belt and socks. The cleats have a white-to-black fade thing going on, which is pretty cool. The red accents add extra oomph.

Photo Credit: Nike

The underside of the gloves have the signature Nike Pro Combat team emblem in the center so that they interlock.

Photo Credit: Nike

Helmet: Simple and classic helmets with the Speed design. Helmets are silver with a wide red metallic stripe with black edges. Black and red Bulldogs logo. Very clean and simple lines. But the most interesting part of the whole uniform is often the most overlooked: the face mask.

Photo Credit: Google Image Search

The face mask is two toned! The side are black, while the center is a matching red metallic to the helmet, which actually creates and almost bulldog look.

Photo Credit: Google Image Search

Overall: I think this is an amazing uniform. It’s clean, classic, and relatively simple, and yet it still has that little twist to it to make it fresh and new.


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