January 2012 Birchbox is in the mail!

I’ve been ringing in 2012 in sweats. I’m on my winter break from school, and I’ve just been watching movies. Tomorrow night is the People Choice Awards, and I’ll be live-tweeting from that, I’m sure. Which, should you care enough, you could find here. I’ve also been buying a few things on the beauty front. I bought an Almay foundation that I think I’m loving, the Make Up Forever HD foundation, and a couple eyeliners from Urban Decay’s sale a while back. So that’s coming up.

A couple minutes ago I received an email from my favorite pink website, Birchbox.

Hi Britni,

Your January Birchbox has shipped! This month, we’re helping you wipe the beauty slate clean with products designed to freshen up your entire routine.

I’m excited, because it sounds like some fresh products like skincare, clean colors, clean scents. I know they’re highlighting Juice Beauty exfoliators and I noticed that the Zoya Feel Collection was added to the Birchbox shop, so I’m actually expecting to get a mini Zoya in my box this month. Otherwise, I don’t speculate as to whats in there, because I don’t want to get excited about something that ends up not being in my box. As we speak I’m photographing my other Birchboxes to catch up for you guys.

So, a lot of stuff coming up, and nothing but time to do it. I hope you all have an amazing night!


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