Update: China Glaze Electropop Bottle Pictures!

Here’s some more pictures of China Glazes new Electropop collection coming up in February! I split them up into groups of four!

Dance Baby, Fuchsia Fanatic, Gothic Lolita, Sweet Hook

Pinks and Purples: If these are opaque, I’ll be looking forward to all of them except Sweet Hook.

Make Some Noise, Sunshine Pop, Wicked Style, Techno

I named this group Tropical Colors for lack of a better name. I want all of these. Sunshine Pop and Make Some Noise are definitely on my “need” list. You know me and my oranges. And I’m still on the hunt for the perfect yellow. Maybe Sunshine Pop will be it?

Aquadelic, Electric Beat, Gaga For Green, Kinetic Candy

I need all of these. No ifs, ands, or buts. I will own all of these. Instantly.


I’ll be sure to get swatches up IMMEDIATELY. Partly because I like providing information for others, partly because I want to wear most of these. XD

xoxo Britni Rose


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