NOTD: China Glaze Glittering Garland

Glittering Garland is from China Glazes Let It Snow for Holiday 2011 collection. It has a deep blackened emerald base with forrest green shimmer. The contrast between the base and the shimmer, doubled with the fact that the shimmer comes so alive in the light makes this glow so much. Application was pretty good, but not as smooth as usual. There was some cuticle drag and pooling on the sides, as you can see. The color is gorgeous and it made my hands look alive, even though they are so winter-ravaged. These pictures were taken AFTER lotion. Yeah. Ugh, it’s been so rough. Anyway, here’s another shot to show how the shimmer barely peeks out under low lighting. The picture below was taken with flash, in the shade.

This picture also shows the base color correctly. It’s probably the darkest green possible.


While this isn’t my most favorite green, nor my favorite China Glaze polish, it’s a nice one for the holidays. It was a hit around the blogosphere, and it deserves it. It’s pretty. Just not my favorite. My opinion.

If you like glitter and green, run out and see if you can find it. If not, there’s always Transdesign, or Head2Toe. I got mine at Sally’s on Clearance.


Have a great day!



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