China Glaze Colours from the Capitol (Partial)

Hello! I was sent two colors from the ever so lovely China Glaze Capitol Colours collection! This is a super relaxed post though. Not the best pictures but I was waaay to excited to show them off. Better quality pictures soon to come.

China Glaze Smoke and Ashes is supposed to be representing District 12, the mining district, the home of Katniss and Peeta. It’s a black base with green and blue glitter. The glitter in this really does stand out, I promise. I couldn’t get the sun to come out either, so I guess things were hiding from me that day. But this shows the blue glitter peeking out.

Also, I have a boo boo on my pinky. So, obviously, these are just quick, worthless pictures. But you can still see that this is gorgeous, and I can tell you it’s worth the buy, and I can promise some serious pictures soon.

Let’s keep looking!

Here’s some of the green glitter!

HERE WE GO! See that bottle? That’s it! ❤

Now onto Electrify!

Electrify (District 5 — Power) is a super sparkly gold and red glitter in a clear base. Middle finger is two coats, the rest are three. This is suuuuper sparkly, like the Eye Candy collection. It’s sooo pretty. But not the star of this collection, really. I think they’re all even. Except the Fishing district one. It’s frosty. XD

A nice shot at my cut. I’ll show you what happened in a second. This picture really shows off the yellow gold-ness of this and the amount of red glitter.

Look at all the red reflecting in the bottle! This is really noticeably yellow gold in person.

I think with four coats this’ll be opaque enough so the the sparkle will distract from the see through. (Like my scientific terms? Like I said. This is a super relaxed  post. Just pictures. I figured they wouldn’t be… awesome. You know, because of the “boo boo.”

Which, by the way is just one of a couple dozen on my body right now. Work hazard. It’s all Kevin Hart’s fault. No… seriously.

I built this the other day. It’s a whole bunch of insert Tab A into Slot B, (make your jokes now… done?) and it’s all heavy cardboard. (By the way, I work at a movie theater…. in case you didn’t know.) So… yeah. I demand workers comp! It’s hindering my non-job job!



~Britni Rose

(Products mentioned in this post were sent for me to review. You can view my disclosure policy here.)

China Glaze Electropop: Gaga For Green | Photos and Review

Hi! I disappeared again, I’m sorry! I’ve actually been swatching and photographing a bunch of stuff, reorganizing everything to make it easier to locate and blog. So, I’ve been working on here, but just not… posting. You know, the important part. :/

I chopped my nails off, not sure if I told you guys that… They’re sad and uneven due to a bunch of breaks due to car repair, spring cleaning, etc. Oh yeah, I’ve been super productive lately.

ANYWAY, China Glaze Gaga For Green is a light and bright grass green creme that is positively… gaga. Nowhere’s near neon, in fact, this picture is 100% accurate. It went on super smooth, and as you can see, I had some issues on my pinky, but it was opaque in two coats, this is three – except my pinky.

As for wear? It’s perfect. I wore it for a full week. It didn’t chip at all, actually. After six or seven days, I was in the shower and it just… peeled off. It was weird and pretty cool. A nice alternative to ugly cracks and chips.

My cuticles are starting to look better! This is with flash. This shows the opaqueness of three coats vs. two coats (two coats being on my pinky.)

Have a wonderful day! I have lots of material coming up!

~Britni Rose

China Glaze Make Some Noise | Photos and Review


Make Some Noise is a coral, leaning on red. It applied absolutely perfectly, a little sheer on the first coat, but perfect by the second. I did however put a third on my right hand just to see if the color became bolder.  I did, and so I suggest you do the same. Because this color is amazing.

This picture is a tad bit more true to color, but it’s still a touch pinker.


Next up: Gaga For Green! Have a nice day!

~ Britni Rose

Nicole by OPI Launches New Lacquers for 2012

More Nicole by OPI PR!

Nicole by OPI announces four new fashion-forward nail lacquer shades for 2012, including A Lit-Teal Bit of Love, A Million Sparkles, Shoot for the Maroon, and Vio-let’s Talk about Red. Featuring two shades of rich berry and burgundy and two hues of vibrant shimmering and glitter-packed blue, these new colors give any look instant glamour and edge.

A Lit-Teal Bit of Love

A Lit-Teal Bit of Love | This affectionate aqua will shower you with shine.

A Million Sparkles

A Million Sparkles | A shimmering sea of blue packed with sprinkles of rainbow glitter.

Shoot for the Maroon

Shoot for the Maroon | A bold and beautiful burgundy that always dreams big.

Vio-let's Talk about Red

Vio-let’s Talk about Red | There’s so much to say about this bodacious berry!

  • Available: January 2012
  • Where: In store at CVS, Rite Aid, Sears, Target, ULTA, and Walmart. Online at,,, and
  • Pricing: $7.99 USD
  • Nicole by OPI is Big 3 Free.
I’m looking forward to the berry and the blues. I’m not too big on duo chromes and/or the whole burgundy/gold thing, but it looks good sparkle-y enough that I’d look into it.

Any interests for you guys here?

Nicole by OPI Walmart Exclusives for 2012

This is the last one for today.

Nicole by OPI announces three new shades to be exclusively sold at Walmart, in stores January 2012. These rich shimmer and glitter hues give fingers and toes an elegantly chic look, with colors that include a sparkly champagne gold, a shimmering rose pink, and a confetti glitter.

The Gold Shoulder

The Gold Shoulder | A surprisingly approachable shimmery light gold.

Best Pink Ever

Best Pink Ever | Seriously. This magnificent metallic pink is the best in town.

"Fabulous" is My Middle Name

“Fabulous” is My Middle Name | But you can call me “multi-colored sparkle.”

  • Available: January 2012
  • Where: In stores and online, exclusively at Walmart.
  • Pricing: $7.00 each.
  • Nicole by OPI polishes are Big 3 Free.

And with these, I say good night.

New Kardashian Kolor Exclusives at CVS!


Some new PR stuff!

Nicole by OPI announces seven new Kardashian Kolorshades to be exclusively sold at CVS, in stores February 2012. These richly-pigmented, fashion-forward hues include crèmes in bright key lime, pinky peach, poppy red and fuchsia, as well as shimmers in light lilac and deep burgundy.

Smile for the Glam-era

Smile for the Glam-era | The paparazzi is all about this photogenic plum.

Back to Reality...TV

Back to Reality… TV | This pretty little periwinkle was made for TV.

One Big Happy Fame-ily

One Big Happy Fame-ily | This lavender shimmer is the American dream.

Our Fuchsia's Lookin' Bright

Our Fuchsia’s Lookin’ Bright | This purple-y fuchsia has the world at her hands.

Ladies in the Limelight | The most talked-about yellow-lime of our time!

Paparazzi Don't Preach

Paparazzi Don’t Preach | This pretty blush pink is doing just fine.

Strike a Pose

Strike a Pose | A totally camera red-y color.

  • Available: February 2012
  • Price: $7.99 each
  • Where: Exclusively at CVS stores and on

I really like the two “different” colors. I really want to see Ladies in the Limelight and Paparazzi Don’t Preach! I’m not the biggest fan of purples on me, and I used to be obsessed with purple, so I’m over it, but that being said, I really really want to see what Back to Reality…TV, One Big Happy Fame-ily, and Our Fuchsia’s Lookin’ Bright look like IRL. The “off purple” purples. 🙂

Which ones are you looking forward to? Let me know in the comments!

September 2011 Birchbox | Photos and Reviews

Truth Art Beauty | Face Nourish — Birchbox Blend | Full size: 1oz, $54

DIY skincare: We mix and matched out favorite ingredients for this custom face oil, which nourishes with organic argan, pumpkin seed, and geranium oils.

I haven’t tried this, but I want to. I actually forgot about it.

Jouer | Lip Enhancer | Full size: 0.33 fl oz, $14

Why settle for plain ‘ol lip balm when you can hydrate, plump, and condition all in one go? Right, we thought so.

This is an empty tube. Because I’m addicted to it. It’s so shiny and plumping, but not stingy. It’s nice.

Jurlique | Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer | Full size: 5.9 fl oz, $15

A must for any urban adventure, Jurlique’s sanitizer neutralizes bacteria with Australian mint and hydrates with safflower oil.

This bottle is almost empty. This is an addiction. It smells so good, not like alcohol and hospitals.

Incoco | Nail Polish Appliqué | 16 Strips, $7.99 – $10.99

We all have a wild side. Eye-catching nail strips are the latest trend — try them on your fingers or toes.

Haven’t tried these. I can do this with Konad three times for the price of one. I’m not a fan of spending a lot of money on “meh” products.

EXTRA: Birchbox Friendship Bracelet

I really love this. It’s getting worn out, but it’s so pretty and simple and not a lot of people have this.


That’s it for the September box. Still have a few months to go.

August 2011 Birchbox | Photos and Reviews

blinc | Eyeliner | Full size: 0.21oz, $24

This inky formula lays on a seamless line of color that stays put through rain, tears, sweat, and anything else you throw it’s way.

This description is dead on. It goes on, it dies, and then it stays on. For a long time. My only problem with it is the brush is the “regular” style, not a felt tip, which I’m not a fan of. I like super control. Also, I’m too lazy to be careful. But the formula is super cool and it’s really good.

Carol’s Daughter | Monoi Repairing Hair Mask | Full size: 7oz, $29

A creamy treatment that revives dull or dry strands with natural monoi oil, and leave hair smelling like tropical flowers.

I had a sample of this from Sephora or Ulta or someplace before and it was heaven. I haven’t found an occasion to use this yet because I don’t want to become dependent on it. It’s a little pricey, but it’s worth it.

LIFTLAB | Lift & Fix High Potency Solution | Full size: 3.4oz, $85

An anti-aging serum wit a PhD — LIFTLAB’s molecular biologists spent years perfecting a patented natural protein that strengthens and regenerates cells.

I haven’t even touched this. It’s scary sounding, and it’s not something I’m worrying about for a while.

TOCCA | Eau de Parfum, Stella and Cleopatra | Full size: 1.7 fl oz, $68

Two dreamy scents: Stella, a blossomy blend of blood orange and lily, and Cleopatra, a fresh blast of cucumber and grapefruit.

I love both of these so much. Stella, more than Cleopatra, but only just. I won’t be buying these in full size, it’s unlikely that I’ll use it enough to be worth $68.

EXTRA: twistband | Hair Tie | Set of 3, $5.

This soft elastic gives the hair tie a sophisticated makeover — it looks as good on your wrist as it does in your hair.

This is basically just super soft elastic that is knotted. But it works so well! I love it. I wear it on my wrist as a bracelet and mix it in with leather wrap bracelets and it blends right in, rather than a thick black ring.


July 2011 Birchbox | Photos and Review

This is a little late, right? Ooops. Well, let’s not waste any time…

First off, this months box was designed by the one and only Cynthia Rowley. While the box is the same, it came with a groovy sleeve. It was also one of the best BBs to date. Let’s look at what’s inside.

Ahava | Mineral Hand Cream | Full size: 3.4oz, $20

Loaded with Dead Sea minerals, this fast-absorbing cream heals dry hands without a smudge of residue.

I really like this for nighttime. It can have a bit of a strong scent at times. Not a bad scent, just one that could overpower my perfume. It is really moisturizing though, and it does absorb really quick. Right now I have a lotion that I like to use before bed, but should I ever need a backup or an alternative, I think I’ll use this one. I do like the use of more natural ingredients, so that’s always a plus. Packaging is simple, informative and clean.


philosophy | purity made simple one-step facial cleanser | Full size: 8oz, $20 or 160z, $32.

This perennial award winner is pH-balanced to gently clear away dirt, oil, and makeup without drying out skin.

Well, I want to like this, I really do. But my face doesn’t. It stings. I don’t get it. But oh well. It works for a lot of people, and that shows it’s quality.

Redken | shine flash | Full size: 4.4oz, $17

A must for all Cynthia’s runway shows, this weightless spray gives hair a brilliant finish.

What’s with no one capitalizing their product names… I like it, but it’s confusing. I’ve only used this once, and it does add some shine, but I didn’t use much, so I don’t know it’s full effect. It kind of scared me.

Zoya | Touch Collection Nail Polish in Shay | Full size: 0.5 fl oz: $8.

Neutral gets a sexy makeover in this creamy, slightly metallic nude. The perfect accessory to summer’s bright fashions.

I like this polish.I don’t love it. It’s a neutral, and there are prettier neutrals. It’s nice though. I don’t know.

EXTRA: Kind | Almond & Apricot |

Snack right with this wholesome bar — no preservatives or hard-to-pronounce ingredients.

“They are my favs! I always have one in my bag just in case.” – Cynthia Rowley

I have not eaten this. It looks… pointy. I like the idea of it though. Dairy, Gluten, and Wheat free? Yep. Love it.

So that’s it for the July Birchbox, It has a nice shine spray, hand lotion, and nail polish. Next up: August 2011 Birchbox.

Happy Birthday Kettle Rose!

I can’t believe I’ve actually kept up with this! I’m the kind of person that can’t stick to anything unless it’s mandatory. I feel like this blog has helped me relax and lower my stress levels, to be honest. I’m so happy you are all along for the ride with me, and I wish I had something more deep and inspirational to write…

I feel like I now know the direction on which Kettle Rose will steer, and I’m super excited to keep working. I enjoy writing so much. This blog is fun and I’ve been having a lot of fun writing it. I’m glad that you are reading this and I hope you stick with me for another year! A lot of fun things to come!

Thank you. I love you guys so much.

~ Britni Rose