OPI Did Someone Say Party? — Photos and Review

Hello folks! How is everyone? I’m preparing for the SuperBowl this weekend! Right now I have China Glaze’s Electric Beat on, which I’ll have pictures of soon. Maybe tomorrow? But for now I have a polish from OPI. I got this at Regis while at work for like 60% off. Can’t argue. The only thing that sucked? The neck was painted shut! I just ran it under hot water for a second and it loosened its hold. After that it also smelled like paint thinner… but hey.

So… there’s no point in these pictures… Because this is not an ounce of what this really looks like. In reality this is a rust/sienna/orange brown. Ompletely smooth and opaque, not patchy and icky weird red like in these pictures.

Like I said, it’s… not red. At all.

So… this is a picture of my henna I got at a tattoo expo I went to. This is more like the color of the polish. A little lighter and more orange. But definitely more like this than the reddish crap above.

This applied okay, as per a normal OPI polish, and it wore well. It only lasted about two days because the girls at Sally’s brought out the Electropop collection for me. I only got Electric Beat because in person, none of them really wowed me too much. I’m saving my money for the Hunger Games collection… 🙂

~ Britni Rose


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