China Glaze Electric Beat | Electropop Collection Spring 2012 — Photos and Review

Look! I made a deadline I set myself! I also remembered and completed a project for an online class – ahead of time! I’m so on point. To celebrate, let’s look at pretty colors. This is Electric Beat from China Glaze’s long-awaited Electropop collection for Spring 2012. If you remember I posted swatches the other day. I picked this up at Sally’s the other day.

Electric Beat is a dusty cornflower blue. This is the exact description of cornflower blue. Not the crayola version either. Application was perfect, the color can pull out the pink in my skin, so it may not be the most flattering on me, but it’s so pretty that no one notices my lobster hands. I’ve gotten more complements on this color than any of the hundreds I’ve worn before.

This is with three days wear. There’s a chip on my index finger that started with a dent during drying.

I know this isn’t technically a macro shot (it’s just cropped) but it gets rid of all the hullabaloo so you can see the glorious creaminess of this polish.

I still want the other blues and Gaga For Green… maybe soon… I’m starting to save up now for the Colours of the Capitol collection.

Have a wonderful Friday!

~ Britni Rose


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