Fingerpaints Motley over Zoya Cynthia | Photos and Review

Hi guys! Today I have the best manicure ever. Maybe not ever. But definitely the most interesting in recent history.

Zoya Cynthia is a midnight blue dusty-looking creme. But obviously this isn’t about the base color. This is about the glitterhappyvomit that is Fingerpaints Motley. A blue and green flakie? I can’t even. Both polishes applied perfectly, but notice I didn’t wrap my tips. This is because I have more Electropop swatches coming up. And I can’t form any words to explain how gorgeous this is. It’s so deep in person. So now I’m going to shut up. Here’s some pictures.

Blue fire? Is that possible?

Some green peeking through.

Here’s a close up. It’s kind of cool how you can see the scratches in my topcoat.

~ Britni Rose


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