August 2011 Birchbox | Photos and Reviews

blinc | Eyeliner | Full size: 0.21oz, $24

This inky formula lays on a seamless line of color that stays put through rain, tears, sweat, and anything else you throw it’s way.

This description is dead on. It goes on, it dies, and then it stays on. For a long time. My only problem with it is the brush is the “regular” style, not a felt tip, which I’m not a fan of. I like super control. Also, I’m too lazy to be careful. But the formula is super cool and it’s really good.

Carol’s Daughter | Monoi Repairing Hair Mask | Full size: 7oz, $29

A creamy treatment that revives dull or dry strands with natural monoi oil, and leave hair smelling like tropical flowers.

I had a sample of this from Sephora or Ulta or someplace before and it was heaven. I haven’t found an occasion to use this yet because I don’t want to become dependent on it. It’s a little pricey, but it’s worth it.

LIFTLAB | Lift & Fix High Potency Solution | Full size: 3.4oz, $85

An anti-aging serum wit a PhD — LIFTLAB’s molecular biologists spent years perfecting a patented natural protein that strengthens and regenerates cells.

I haven’t even touched this. It’s scary sounding, and it’s not something I’m worrying about for a while.

TOCCA | Eau de Parfum, Stella and Cleopatra | Full size: 1.7 fl oz, $68

Two dreamy scents: Stella, a blossomy blend of blood orange and lily, and Cleopatra, a fresh blast of cucumber and grapefruit.

I love both of these so much. Stella, more than Cleopatra, but only just. I won’t be buying these in full size, it’s unlikely that I’ll use it enough to be worth $68.

EXTRA: twistband | Hair Tie | Set of 3, $5.

This soft elastic gives the hair tie a sophisticated makeover — it looks as good on your wrist as it does in your hair.

This is basically just super soft elastic that is knotted. But it works so well! I love it. I wear it on my wrist as a bracelet and mix it in with leather wrap bracelets and it blends right in, rather than a thick black ring.



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