China Glaze Electropop: Gaga For Green | Photos and Review

Hi! I disappeared again, I’m sorry! I’ve actually been swatching and photographing a bunch of stuff, reorganizing everything to make it easier to locate and blog. So, I’ve been working on here, but just not… posting. You know, the important part. :/

I chopped my nails off, not sure if I told you guys that… They’re sad and uneven due to a bunch of breaks due to car repair, spring cleaning, etc. Oh yeah, I’ve been super productive lately.

ANYWAY, China Glaze Gaga For Green is a light and bright grass green creme that is positively… gaga. Nowhere’s near neon, in fact, this picture is 100% accurate. It went on super smooth, and as you can see, I had some issues on my pinky, but it was opaque in two coats, this is three – except my pinky.

As for wear? It’s perfect. I wore it for a full week. It didn’t chip at all, actually. After six or seven days, I was in the shower and it just… peeled off. It was weird and pretty cool. A nice alternative to ugly cracks and chips.

My cuticles are starting to look better! This is with flash. This shows the opaqueness of three coats vs. two coats (two coats being on my pinky.)

Have a wonderful day! I have lots of material coming up!

~Britni Rose


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