China Glaze Colours from the Capitol (Partial)

Hello! I was sent two colors from the ever so lovely China Glaze Capitol Colours collection! This is a super relaxed post though. Not the best pictures but I was waaay to excited to show them off. Better quality pictures soon to come.

China Glaze Smoke and Ashes is supposed to be representing District 12, the mining district, the home of Katniss and Peeta. It’s a black base with green and blue glitter. The glitter in this really does stand out, I promise. I couldn’t get the sun to come out either, so I guess things were hiding from me that day. But this shows the blue glitter peeking out.

Also, I have a boo boo on my pinky. So, obviously, these are just quick, worthless pictures. But you can still see that this is gorgeous, and I can tell you it’s worth the buy, and I can promise some serious pictures soon.

Let’s keep looking!

Here’s some of the green glitter!

HERE WE GO! See that bottle? That’s it! ❤

Now onto Electrify!

Electrify (District 5 — Power) is a super sparkly gold and red glitter in a clear base. Middle finger is two coats, the rest are three. This is suuuuper sparkly, like the Eye Candy collection. It’s sooo pretty. But not the star of this collection, really. I think they’re all even. Except the Fishing district one. It’s frosty. XD

A nice shot at my cut. I’ll show you what happened in a second. This picture really shows off the yellow gold-ness of this and the amount of red glitter.

Look at all the red reflecting in the bottle! This is really noticeably yellow gold in person.

I think with four coats this’ll be opaque enough so the the sparkle will distract from the see through. (Like my scientific terms? Like I said. This is a super relaxed  post. Just pictures. I figured they wouldn’t be… awesome. You know, because of the “boo boo.”

Which, by the way is just one of a couple dozen on my body right now. Work hazard. It’s all Kevin Hart’s fault. No… seriously.

I built this the other day. It’s a whole bunch of insert Tab A into Slot B, (make your jokes now… done?) and it’s all heavy cardboard. (By the way, I work at a movie theater…. in case you didn’t know.) So… yeah. I demand workers comp! It’s hindering my non-job job!



~Britni Rose

(Products mentioned in this post were sent for me to review. You can view my disclosure policy here.)


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