Dollish Polish | Nice Scrunchy, Heather

I love random polish brand you find along the way. I love it even more when it’s one of the best polishes I own. Seriously, this thing is FLAWLESS. Except the mini-bottle brush and size. Which is oh-so-easily fixable. Dollish Polish is one of the more well known polish mavens on the inter webs. Go buy everything here. Well, if the shop is open. Yeah, that awesome. Here’s some pictures to drool over.

Nice Scrunchy, Heather is a fire orange holographic polish. This picture isn’t too close, this color is a real orange, but leans towards red. While this has the ability to be holographic is sunlight, under normal lighting conditions, it has that same “linear” ring/stripes, but not in rainbow colors, just those fire orange sparkles. It’s amazing really, I don’t think I have another holographic polish that’s as alive as this one. Not sure how…  And his polish has such depth. Anyway, who cares about words. Keep looking and drooling.

See those fire rings? Some light holo-ness to is, but not too much. But do you see how deep this polish looks? Amazing. And the quality of this product is amazing. This was completely opaque in one coat, but this is shown in two. And it applies like buttuh.

Sooooo prettyyyy.

Have a fiery day! Whatever that means….

But seriously, go buy everything from Dollish Polish.

~ Britni Rose


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