Sally Hansen Scribble/Splatter Konadicure

Mornin’ folks! Or… whatever time it is while you’re reading this… today/tonight I have for you Sally Hansen’s Café Au Lait stamped with Wet N Wild Black Creme using Konad m70.

Café Au Lait is a wonderful nude color, which as you can see is a touch too pink and too dark for me, but still does the trick. I have Zoya’s Shay in my arsenal, as well as an old Rimmel one, but this is my favorite. It has a small amount of shimmer, but not too noticeable. Keeps it life-like and not… creepy. It’s not the most opaque, and it’s not one of my favorite colors because, well, if you’ve seen the contents of my blog… I like colors.

This actually happened before my cloud manicure, hence the no boo boo (I know “boo boo” sounds childish, but that’s really what it is. It’s not a wound or an injury. It’s a cardboard cut. lol). Also, I never noticed that I squeeze these bottles so tight that the color leaves my fingertips. Gotta stop doing that. Anyways, I liked this a lot, even though it was supposed to look… I don’t know… a bit sexier? Like that illusion you get when lace is put over a nude dress/accessory. But it looked less sexy and more cool, which isn’t too bad.

And hey, look! I cleaned up! Oh, go me. I deserve a sticker. A “Good, Quality Blogging” sticker. Do those exist? I want one. But seriously, this was fun and I really liked it. I love this stamp and I’ll be playing around with these two new ones I got (this m70 and the one with the clouds, m79) in the near future.

Have a nice night/day!

~ Britni Rose

2 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Scribble/Splatter Konadicure

    • Thanks! It’s a lot easier if you can find the right angle to approach from. Practice with the small images before you move on to a picky full nail design. This one isn’t one of the pickier ones, but stripes or other designs take practice. I’m out of shape, so I’ve been playing around with stamping a lot more. Thanks for reading!


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