New High Resolution bottle pictures of the Spring 2012 China Glaze Prismatic Collection!

Yay! Told you they were coming! WARNING, THEY’RE HUGE! 

Here ya go:

Ray-Diant Greenish-gold shimmer filled with specks of silver, pink, green, orange, and blue.

Full Spectrum | Baby pink bursts into holographic magenta to party with sliver, gold, blue, pink, and green particles.

Liquid Crystal | Bright blue holographic with purple tint dusted with silver, gold, green, pink, and orange.

Optical IllusionAqua green glimmers with a hint of purple filled with pink, yellow, silver, orange and green flecks.

Polarized Silver metallic sheen sprinkled with yellow, pink, orange, and green glitters.

Prism Grape purple holographic gleams with pink shimmer and glitters with pieces of pink, blue, green, orange, silver and gold.


So what you you guys think?!

I’m looking forward to these! Even the pinks and purples look pretty amazing!

Have a nice day!

~ Britni Rose


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