Quick post: China Glaze Celtic Sun

This is just a few quick shots of my current manicure. It’s nothing spectacular because I messed up on the white, but HOT DAMN IS IT BRIGHT. I mean… It almost glows in the dark. It is a driving distraction and I’ve been stopped six times today. It hurts your eyes. Do you get what I’m trying to say yet? I don’t’ think I’ve worn a polish that is this neon. I’ve also never had this much trouble photographing a polish.

Celtic Sun is a gloriously bright neon yellow. It’s the equivalent of drawing on white nails with a highlighter. The problem is… it’s the equivalent of drawing on your nails with a highlighter. It’s super sheer. It’s super thin. It looks like tinted water. Which is an easy fix! Here I did two coats of Sally Hansen White Out and three coats of Celtic Sun, which wasn’t really necessary. One or two would’ve worked. Then a nice topcoat and ta-da!


Have a nice day!

~ Britni Rose


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