Birchbox | December 2011 — Photos and Review

Hello my pretties! …Wow. That’s wicked witch sorta ruined that phrase for everyone didn’t she? Ugh. What an evil person. I’m better than her. Because I have pictures for everyone to see. Today’s are more catch-up pictures of all my Birchboxes. Only 2 more besides this left! Yeah, progress! Let’s get to it.

This is what Birchbox says for December 2011:

Hi there,

Scrooge who? As far as we’re concerned, this is the most magical time of the year. We love twinkling window displays filled with presents, a calendar full of ice skating parties and holiday mixers, and plenty of hot cocoa topped with whipped cream. Accordingly, we’ve filled this month’s box with products that will get you ready for frolicking and fancy fetes.

Swap your everyday neutral lip color for and exclusive floss created especially for Birchbox members – fuchsia of course. Get a flawless complextion with a natural cleanser that softens and soothes skin, and tame hair with a salon quality serum. Finally, dab on a sophisticated scent designed to help you relax.

And now – pictures!

Harvey Prince | Yogini | Full size: 8.8ml: $26, 50ml: $55

Take a deep breath and relax with this calming scent. Notes of sandalwood, Egyptian myrrh, and grapefruit will help you feel as good as you smell.

This smells so absolutely divine. It’s so relaxing and calm. I don’t wear this often, because I don’t want it to be gone, so I just sniff it. The same with the Bvgalri one.

Jouer | Moisturizing lip Gloss in Birchbox Pink | Full size: 0.21oz, $20

We teamed up with one of our favorite brands to create this custom fuchsia shade. Apply one coat for semi-sheer pigment, or build it for a hot pink out.

A “before” shot without product.

I like this lip gloss. It’s a soft pink that enhances my natural lip color. It’s definitely a fuchsia pink, not a watermelon. I wouldn’t normally go for colors like this, but now I might. After all, isn’t that what Birchbox is for? It’s pretty sheer, and I don’t really like putting on thick layers lip gloss, so this is really as opaque as this will get. It’s super shiny though without any shimmer, which I love. This is probably my favorite product in this box.

L’Oréal Professionnel | Mythic Oil | Full size: 4.2oz, $30

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to try this. 😦

Befine | Gentle Cleanser | Full size: 3.4 fl oz, $25

A moisturizing face cleanser made with sugar, rice, and oat extracts to hydrate and restore winter-dry skin.

This is complicated. It’s too watery to work with, and it makes my skin sting… yet I like it. It makes my skin feel clean, it’s not greasy, there’s no yucky residues at all, and it smells organic. It has that “natural” scent to it. Oatmeal-y. 🙂

EXTRA: Prep | ShowStoppers | Designer Fashion Tape | Full size: 24 strips, $9.99

Celeb stylists swear by these double sided tape strips, which will ensure that your party dress stays perfectly in place.

Haven’t tried these, I don’t ever go to anything fancy enough. I might try them pretty soon, once it gets warm enough to wear anything revealing at all. 🙂

EXTRA: RECHARGE | EBOOST | Orange Natural Energy Booster | Full size: 30 packets, $28

Bounce back post-party with this tangy citrus energy booster, packed with a mega-dose of nutrients.

I’ll probably never try this – it’s just not my cup of tea. If they have different flavors, I’d like to try those. Kind of pricy though.

Have a wonderful day!

~ Britni Rose


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