Birchbox | February 2012

Hello! Another Birchbox post today! This one is pretty good! Here’s February 2012’s Birchbox.

Birchbox says:

Hi there,

Despite what greeting card companies would have you believe, February is a great time to focus on yourself. (And indulge in fancy chocolates, of course.) This month’s samples are designed to highlight your awesomeness — and maybe attract a little attention. We’ve chosen exciting items from brands that are changing the way we think about familiar products.

BENTA BERRY | G-1 Moisturizing Face Cream | Full size: $110

This French skincae line is brand-new to the U.S. Try their all-natural moisturizer, which regulates oil levels and keeps skin matte.

This is so nice. So nice. I ran out of my usual moisturizer (Biore’s SPF 15 Moisture Lotion) and tried this for two week, so let my skin get used to it so I can see it’s true effects.  It kept my face smooth and moisturized but also kept it matte. This is the first moisturizer I’ve found that can keep that balance. You don’t need a lot, in face this sample is tiny, even for Birchbox, and I still have almost half left. A little less than half. And it smells amazing. It has that expensive, all-natural, rosy-type scent. I can’t exactly name it, but it’s so delicious. It makes you feel so special. Of course, this is really expensive, at $110 for the full size, and I won’t be purchasing it, but it was very nice to try. If you can afford it, I strongly recommend it for normal to dry skin.

colorescience pro | glow and go Travel Puff | Full size compact: $50

Use these handy, powder-filled puffs to keep your skin shine-free and luminous while you’re out on the town.

I haven’t tried this yet. The color I got I is “All Even (Med. Tone Pale) – Everyday to Camoulage Coverage.” It sounds a bit “summery” so I’m going to wait a little bit and try this. I’ll keep you guys updated!

EYE ROCK | Designer Liner | 2 packs of 4: $13

Stop wrestling with the liquid liner and achieve a perfect cat eye with these single-use stick on liner strips.

I haven’t tried these, they’re huge! I might try them sometime.

LA FRESH | Eco-Beauty Waterproof Makeup Remover | 18 wipes, $9.99

Even the most stubborn mascara will disappear when you use these biodegradable wipes, laced with moisturizing jojoba and other plant oils.

My Birchbox came with two of these, and just those two are worth 10 bucks! These are nice. The one time I tried them, I can’t remember if I had waterproof mascara on, but it removed everything without any raccoon eyes or smears everywhere. They didn’t sting my eyes, and my eyes are pretty sensitive. They left my face feeling really soft. I might actually buy these for on the go or when I’m too lazy to fully clean my face. They are really nice and smell good. They’re a good size too! Not a wimpy little wipe.


There’s no shame in filing your nails in public with this heart-shaped, neon looker.

I love this! It has two sides, the pink and a brown? Maroon? Rust? colored side.

Decidedly rust colored. The rust side is more corse, while the pink is smoother. I actually think the design of this is absolutely genius! The taper at the bottom of the heart fits in all the tiny places, and it’s big enough to hold onto without scratching your nails where you don’t want it. Nail file science. Also… it’s cute.


Six free tunes from Green River Ordinance, an indie rock band poised to hit the spotlight.

They aren’t bad. Not my favorite, but not too bad. They have that indie sound that can work mainstream. It’s not bad.


Well, there’s February! I think I’m caught up! Next up is China Glaze’s Papaya Punch and Hey Sailor, and some swatches of their new Crackle Glitters!

Have a fantastic day!

~ Britni Rose


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