My April Birchbox has shipped!

I’m so excited! It’s officially been a year since I joined Birchbox. I’m so happy with what I’ve gotten in the past year. It’s opened my eyes to brands and products I’d have never even thought of trying. In fact, in my first Birchbox, last April, was a product that changed my life- it singlehandedly cured my face of any of the problematic acne I’ve had since tweenhood. (Dear any Pangea Organics product, GET IN MY BATHROOM.)

Here’s what Birchbox says about this months’ box.

Hi Britni,

Your April box has shipped. We’ve brought things down to earth this month, with a collection of samples inspired by nature—think delicious ingredients and healthy formulations.

YES! More natural/organic stuff I hope. I so hope. I eat that stuff up like crazy.

Just a quick post today, guys.

~ Britni Rose


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