Wet N Wild Silvivor | Photos and Review

Hi guys! Today I have an “old” polish. Remember Wet N Wild’s collection based on TV shows? It’s still in stores, but people have already moved on. Well, I bought practically the whole collection, and completely forgot about the random silver one. The other day I was re-organizing my nail polishes (again) and came across this. Based on the icy cold, bleak, rainy weather we were having, I wanted a bright cheery color that fit in with the season, and voila!

Wet N Wild Silvivor is a super bright silver foil. This baby is practically a mirror. This applied pretty thin on the first coat, opaque but somewhat dull on the second coat, and vibrant and foil-tastic on the third. I don’t usually have to do three coats on a foil, but this is way worth it. Sure, there are plenty of silver foils out there, but this is probably the most accessible and affordable from a quality brand. Not everyone has a store that sells Color Club in their backyard. 🙂

Now… when I say this is near-mirror status, I’m serious. There’s no real “reflection,” but it picks up shapes and colors. It’s crazy. The only problem I have with this is… it’s silver. Silver never looks good on me. I’m a gold/bronze type of girl. Silver picks up all of the blotches in my confused Italian-Irish skin. 😉

In other news, my hands have been in cuticle rehab — no polish, exposure to harsh chemicals, and no neglect for an entire week. It’s paying off. They were in a tragic state after swatching the Salon Perfect Blossoming with Color collection and the horrible weather lately. My hands are so dry still, but my cuticles aren’t threatening to quit. So… yaaay! If I’m absent for a period of time, it’s because I’m only about three weeks from graduating college! I’ve had almost no time to do anything, and while it’s exhausting, it’s nice to be busy.


I hope you guys have a wonderful, wonderful day.

~ Britni Rose


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