China Glaze | Hey Sailor | Photos and Review

Hi guys! I’m finally back on track with life, I have a bunch of posts lined up and ready to go out, a lot of small little things, and a couple of Birchboxes. Today is China Glaze’s Hey Sailor from their Anchors Away collection. I’ve worn this a thousand times, and have mentioned it on here, but I guess I’ve somehow never posted a separate review on this amazing color.

China Glaze Hey Sailor is a tomato, “true” red. It’s absolutely gorgeous and smooth. The nicks and dents in the polish in this picture is due to the “quick-dry” topcoat not “quick-dry”-ing. This is my favorite and go-to red nail polish, besides Ruby Pumps. They’re like sisters. Sailor being the more mature, sophisticated, and retro sister of the spunky, sparkly, and young Ruby. I’m not too big on red nail polishes, because I think they all look too alike to collect. I think that a girl needs maybe 4 red polishes. A retro red, a super bright hot red, a light wine color, and a shimmer or glitter. Hey Sailor is the hot red that every girl needs. Perfect color and formula. It looks so good on every skin tone. Get this nail polish.




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