Become Bond. Come See The First Ever James Bond 007 Fragrance! [Press Release]

Introducing the first James Bond 007 Fragrance

Unleashing the essence of a quintessential male icon 

In the year that marks the 50th anniversary of the James Bond film franchise, the world’s first male fragrance dedicated to the legendary British spy is born: James Bond 007. The essence of a true icon, James Bond 007 fragrance is a classic and unmistakably masculine scent with a fresh, sophisticated twist – the ultimate scent for the modern man.

The Fragrance

The James Bond 007 fragrance is a signature scent for the Bond man: a unique fusion of traditionally authentic and unmistakably British ingredients shape a classic fragrance with a modern twist – a must have for the 21st century contemporary man.

At the time when the first Bond films of the 1960’s revealed the ultimate male icon, the world of men’s fragrance witnessed the dawn of the unofficial “hero” scent signature – the Aromatic Fougere. Only an Aromatic Fougere – the most virile, vibrant and bold of all perfume families – could bring to life the essence of Bond. A backbone of rich, reassuringly elegant lavender with undertones of moss and coumarin create the unapologetically masculine scent that is the James Bond 007 fragrance.

Vetyver, a Haitian ingredient brings undeniable power and strength blended with sensuality, captures Bond’s charming and refined characteristics. Crisp apple, the quintessentially British ingredient known for its fresh flavor, reflects the smooth side of Bond, and adds a refreshingly light quality that perfectly harmonises the heady Fougere. Sandalwood offers a full bodied essence which creates the fragrance’s long lasting and powerfully masculine qualities.

 Diamonds are forever, but tomorrow never dies with the James Bond 007 fragrance.  This signature scent releases your inner-Bond with its fusion of traditionally authentic and unmistakably British ingredients that give the classic fragrance a modern twist.  The must-have scent for the 21st century contemporary man embodies the duality of Bond – irresistible sophistication blended with uncompromising masculinity.

Available: October 2012

United States:

James Bond 007 50mL EDT/$40 30mL EDT/$30

Available at Kohl’s and


James Bond 007 50mL EDT/$47 30mL EDT/$35

This fragrance is available in Canada exclusive to Shoppers Drug Mart.


Hey guys! I just got this in the mail today, stay tuned for a review!


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