Hey guys, still backlogged, but here’s something new to play with!

It’s called Influenster! While I’m new to the site, I’m loving it.

It’s a huge review board, basically, but instead of just judging your favorite (or most hated) products, you get rewards for doing so! When you write reviews or update with your social media sites, you get points, and they qualify you for these things called VoxBoxes. Basically, it’s a box of free stuff to review. Not bad right? Well, it’s as easy as simply writing a little post on your blog, Tweeting, Facebooking, and reviewing on the Influenster site itself. The website itself has a super sleek look and friendly to the eyes.

So guys, if you love yourselves and you love reviewing and receiving things… Influenster is your type of site. Just go check it out. Thank me later.

(P.S. Lots of stuff coming up, I have it lined up and written and on its way to the site. Hang in there with me – lots of things happening! Life is exciting right now. And good. Life is good.)


Britni Rose


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