Lancôme Eyeshadow Swatches — A Lot of Them!

Hey guys! Like I promised, I have some super fun stuff coming up, INCLUDING SOME GIVEAWAYS! So make sure you you’re following!

Today I have a bunch of Lancôme eyeshadow swatches. I’ve been trying to find swatches of their shadows for a while now, which no one seems to have done. So I thought… Why not I? So, lets get started!


Off The Rack, Daylight, Sultry Mauve, "IT" List (no primer)

Off The Rack, Daylight, Sultry Mauve, Ciel du Soir (no primer)

(Clockwise from upper left)

Off The Rack — a soft semi-sheer rose shimmer

Daylight — A semi-sheer matte off white/ivory

Sultry Mauve — a matte dark mauve, leans towards brown or purple at times.

Ciel du Soir — Matte charcoal gray, pretty patchy.


IMG_7121Kitten Heel — Opaque peachy rose with a strong gold shift. Definitely one of my favorite eyeshadows of all time. SO pretty. So soft and pigmented.

Latte — Semi-opaque matte cream. It’s the perfect base color for me- it’s practically invisible! It’s super soft too. An absolutely excellent highlighter for darker skin tones.

Statuesque — Intense matte black, not too patchy and pretty opaque. By intense, I mean while it’s not 100% opaque, it’s… intense. As in, it’s there.

Color du Jour — Metallic wine color with gold and copper shimmer. Pretty patchy, but it’s definitely buildable.


Volcano, Daylight, The New Black, Makeover (no primer)

Volcano, Daylight, The New Black, Makeover (no primer)

Volcano — Gray taupe shimmer, mostly opaque. One of my favorites, for sure

Daylight — Semi-sheer matte off-white, great for the inner corner of your eye due to it’s ability to build up easily.

The New Black — Opaque matte black with silver glitter. Super opaque, not patchy in the slightest. Absolutely gorgeous and elegant.

Makeover — Opaque cool pink metallic. Almost a pinkish blue shift, but not quite. Just a really strong metallic finish. While I probably won’t wear this one everyday, it’s nice to have on hand, just in case.



Tulle — lavender with gold glitter

Optic — Gorgeous irridecent lilac shimmer

Trendsetter — Dark plum with wine and pink microglitter. Pretty patchy, but easily buildable

Snap — Warm wine shimmer, great payoff, gorgeous color. Similar to Urban Decay’s Hustle, I believe. A little more warm and less opaque. So not really too close at all.


Waif, Filigree, Fashion Show, Couture (NO PRIMER!!!!!)

Waif, Filigree, Fashion Show, Couture (NO PRIMER!!!!!)

Waif — Basic light matte brown, warm. A color everyone should own at least six of. Close to Urban Decay Naked.

Filigree — light blonde gold shimmer, great payoff.

Fashion Show — Showstopping mega intense crazy beautiful red copper. Oh. My. Gosh. When swatching, I barely touched the pan. I can’t get over this color.

Couture — Patchy matte mahogany brown. The weakest color, the only negative to a great quad. I wish Moccachino were in this one’s place.



Chic — Warm medium matte brown, a bit patchy, but builds quickly.

Honeymoon — An opaque champagne shimmer.

Guest List — A deep brown with wine microglitter.

Designer — A metallic green with gold shimmer and a little bit of a shift. Designer is one of Lancome’s basics, along with Waif. The “you just need them” shades.


Vue, Daylight, Amethyst Charm, Drama (no primer)

Vue, Daylight, Amethyst Charm, Drama (no primer)

Vue — An opaque gold shimmer.

Daylight — Semi-sheer matte off-off white/ivory.

Amethyst Charm — Super patchy dark plum with purple and pink glitter.

Drama — An irredescent dark lavender with an almost periwinkle shift.


Designer — Metallic green shimmer.

Latte — Semi-opaque matte cream.

“IT” List — Matte black

Volcano — Gray taupe shimmer, mostly opaque.


Okay, I think that’s all – for now. Lancôme’s shadows are really, truly great quality. But I will say, for those who don’t know, that I was recently hired as a beauty advisor for Lancôme. This doesn’t change my opinions of the product, just as a review of a product sent to me wouldn’t change my opinion of the quality of the product itself, just opens up the product availability to me. Got it? Okay. Legal stuffs out of the way, back to some information.

Individual Eyeshadows | $18

Eyeshadow Quads | $43

Five Color Shadow & Liner Palette | $49


Alright, off to go watermark more pictures so that I can post more than once a month, hopefully.

Have a wonderful day or night, wherever you are!

~ Britni Rose


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