Lancôme Lip Products

Hey guys! Got a day off, blog day for me! Whee! Alright. I figured I’d post another Lancôme entry. This one is the lip products that I have. Lets do this!



Red Stiletto | A true red creme.

Vintage Rose | A semi-sheer rose cream. Has a lovely sheen to it.

Pink Preview | A medium pink matte. Absolutely gorgeous.

IMG_7173Red Stiletto, Vintage Rose, Pink Preview

Red Stiletto is a super creamy true red that wears very well. A liner is definitely needed with this one though, it likes to roam a bit. It does take a bit of maintenance, but the color is really worth it. It doesn’t look dark on the lips like some end up. It remains bright and colorful.

Vintage Rose is a super pretty semi-sheer sheen that lasts for a long time, compared to many with the same finish. I wear this literally every day. It has replaces Rimmel Airy Fairy as one of my favorite lipsticks.

Pink Preview is a gorgeous cool pink matte. It’s another perfect basic shade you need.

IMG_7166Juicy Tube Lip Gloss in Fifth Avenue Frosting | A sheer wine gloss with golden glitter.

Rouge In Love Lipstick in 322M Corail In Love | An opaque bright coral creme. (I don’t have a shot of the tube itself, I don’t know how. I must have misplaced it.)


322M Corail In Love, Fifth Avenue Frosting

322M Corail In Love is a super lightweight yet pigmented lipstick. It’s so comfortable, and wears like a lip balm. It lasts for quite a while, despite being so comfortable. One thing is after a while, it doesn’t dry your lips out, but it almost stains your lips. Any flakes at all will become very noticeable. So beware of that.

Lancôme’s Rouge In Love line is absolutely amazing. The color wear and pigmentation of every single color in the range is phenomenal. There are a few reds and a gorgeous intense purple. If you get a chance, check them out.

Fifth Avenue Frosting is a quick, easy swipe of shimmer, shine, and glitter. Each Juicy Tube has a different scent/flavor, Fifth Avenue Frosting has a carmel-ish taste, which I love. They are quite sticky, which I don’t mind, but some people do. Due to it’s stickiness, it lasts forever, and actually has a tint of color to it.

Lanôme is available at your nearest department store counter or at Sephora stores everywhere, as well as online on the Lancôme official website.

Pricing is as follows:

Color Design Lipstick | $22

Rouge In Love Lipstick | $25

Juicy Tube Lipgloss | $18


Have a great night!

~ Britni Rose


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