Street Saint Beauty On the Go Makeup Kit — Review, Swatches, and Photos

Hi guys! So today I have for you a review of a beauty kit from a brand called Street Saint. Street Saint is designed by model Renee Esebag, and is a high-end, eco-friendly makeup line that doubles as a skin care aid, providing excellent antioxidant and anti-aging factors. Saint Street cosmetics are made in the U.S.A.

IMG_7358The kit is a small (book sized) travel-sized croc bag, which is recyclable. It contains seven brush holders, as well as a flap that’ll protect your brushes, and a pocket which contains the gorgeous palette! The bag is very excellent quality, an all black sleek croc bag which snaps closed.


The palette is sleek, simple, and gorgeous. The hard cardboard outside is matte black, which silver lettering (impossible to photograph with my camera/lighting setup.) I have to say though, as much as I love matte black packaging, I think it’s the sexiest thing ever, it’s a nightmare when it comes to fingerprints, dust, and broken shadows. The hard cardboard is sturdy, and the inside, holding the shadows, is hard cardboard as well- no plastic here!

IMG_7364Top row: Sheer, Shimmer, and Flirty. Bottom Row: Barely (lip color), True, and Lovely.

IMG_7365Top row: Sheer and Shimmer, Bottom row: Lip color called Barely, shadow called True. Blush color: Almost.

IMG_7366Almost is a soft pink blush with excellent, yet soft pigmentation. Not completely matte, but I wouldn’t consider it a shimmer either. Just a subtle sheen to it.

Barely is a medium rose pink semi-sheer lip color. I can’t stand lip colors in pans. I need to have any non-powder product closed up and someone hygienic. That being said, this is a very pretty color, though not unique.

Almost looks very similar to Lancôme’s Mocha Havana in the pan, but closer to Rose Romantique (my favorite Lancoôme blush) on the skin.


Sheer, Shimmer, Flirty, True, and Lovely


Sheer is just what it sounds like. A sheer shimmer, great for a base color or highlight. It is almost completely invisible on me, but it does show up as a subtle shimmer as a brow highlight.

Shimmer is a gorgeous light copper. It’s a slightly sheer color, but is buildable and opaque in two passes, with only one being shown here. Not patchy in the slightest.

Flirty is a gorgeous deep coppery bronze. Perfectly pigmented and smooth.

True is a matte black. Pretty basic color, not the best pigmentation out there, but not too bad. Slightly patchy.

Lovely is a matte medium mauve, leaning towards brown. The first color that came to mind is “fawn”, but it’s a little more pink than that. Pigmentation was just okay, and it was slightly patchy.

Shimmer is a little more pink than Urban Decay’s Half Baked, and I can’t compare it to Chopper, as I don’t have it. Penny Lane is more coppery. Lovely reminds me of Buck from Urban Decay, but Faint is closer, but Faint is a brown, Lovely is pinker.

IMG_7373I’ll admit, I was nervous to try out these brushes. I have it ingrained in my brain that when a company gives you a set of brushes, don’t expect too much. However, these brushes are soft, blend well, and are perfectly shaped to do their jobs.

BRUSH1The Blush brush isn’t a type of brush I use often, as I’m not huge on blush, and if I do wear it, it’s a cream I apply with my fingers or a buffing brush. But for review’s sake, I wore Almost blush using this brush and I was pleasently surprised by both. The brush is soft and not scratchy, picks up enough product without picking up too much, and it blends very well.

BRUSH2The Shadow brush is amazing. It’s bristles are more fanned out towards the end, but densely packed, which makes it an excellent brush to place or blend shadow, it’s it’s marvelous at both. I’ve found that I’ve been using this more often that my usual blending brush.

BRUSH3The Primer brush. I never use these types of brushes. Foundation, concealer, etc. I prefer buffing brushes, domed shadow brushes, or my hands instead. This isn’t a bad brush though, I must say. I used it as a foundation brush instead of a primer brush, but it works the same, and gave a pretty good finish. No streaks, but not “airbrushed” either.

BRUSH4The Detail brush is one of my new favorites. It is the perfect size to rest in my crease, it blends perfectly, and is precise enough for delicate operations. It’s so soft! One of the best brushes I have.

BRUSH5The Liner brush is a super fine angled brush. I’ve used this a few times for shadow and gel liner. It is stiff enough for use as a gel liner brush, but soft enough for comfortable shadow application.

BRUSH6The Lip brush is a long, thin, pointed brush. It’s not the most comfortable shape, I find for application. A little too stiff, I think, as well.

BRUSH7The Brow/lash brush is a basic and useful. Not too much to say about it, as it’s a basic. Good distance between the bristles, I guess?

So that’s it for my review of Street Saint Beauty On the Go Kit.  It was a very good palette, excellent brushes, and a cute carrying bag.

You can get the Beauty on the Go Kit here, or visit to see what else they have for sale. (They have apparel too!)

The Beauty on the Go Kit sells for $102




Disclaimer: Products featured in this post were provided for review. All reviews are honest and in no way influenced by anything other than my experience. Go here to view my full official Disclosure Policy.


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