Lamborghini Manicure: China Glaze Megabyte and Liquid Leather

A little something I did, inspired by a keychain I received in the mail. I wanted a black and green look. In this I found that I have two gold nail polishes. Megabyte and GR8. Which are pretty much the same in that they’re holographic blond golds. Which is not what I was looking for in this. I wanted a deep gold foil, or Minx chrome gold mirror-y… Meh. I was a little upset with the outcome, but I liked the concept.


IMG_7563See? The gold just doesn’t stand up to the challenge. But Konad always helps.



I added a paint-splatter print using Konad m70. I planned an “oil slick” look. I want to try this again, maybe using a dark holo over black? That’d be cool I think. Maybe I’ll revisit this idea later and do it correctly.

Britni Rose


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