Lancôme Holiday 2012 Collection: Nail Polishes | Swatches, Photos, and Review

Hi guys! Better late than never, right? Here’s Lancôme’s Holiday polishes. The formula on these are impeccable, and I love that Lancôme did something other than a creme finish.


Flirty Red is a blackened ruby that is über glowy. Under most normal lighting this looks like a dark crimson-ruby-sparkle party, but under harsh or low lighting, the edges turn near-black. I know this isn’t the most unique polishes out there, but it’s not one that I have in my collection, so I can’t compare it to anything. (Sidenote: I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but lately I’ve been loving purples, pinks, and yes… even reds! Especially ones that sparkle or glow.)


Bubbly Gold is a light, warm gold, near copper foil. It has a rose gold shift to it as well, and different metallic shades of shimmer. Very pretty. Extremely similar to Chanel Delight. Although the Chanel is lacking in the rose shift. Sorry for all the pictures, but this polish has a different face at every angle!

IMG_7533 IMG_7534


Ginger Swing is a silver-toned champagne foil. Similar, but not identical to Chanel Diwalli. Absolutely gorgeous. And flattering on most skintones, as it didn’t bring out any red in my hands.

IMG_7553This is after FIVE days of heavy wear with just a coat of China Glaze Fast Forward. The topcoat does it’s job well, but even then there are chips by day 3 or 4. No chips, just minor tip wear. All three of these wear like iron!

The application of all three was a smooth as butter. The brushes on these polishes are medium width and rounded at the bottom, a thinner version of OPI’s. The brush allows perfect control, and the formula is perfect.

These aren’t available on counters anymore, I don’t believe (but the Spring collection is! Review coming soon!) but maybe you can find these online somewheres.

Thanks for reading!

Britni Rose


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