China Glaze eCollection | Photos, Swatches, and Review

Good morning! I have some swatches of an older collection from our dear China Glaze, 2008 to be precise! I’m missing one of the polishes, and I don’t know how or why.


Recycle is described as a “rain cloud gray” by China Glaze, and I’ve actually used it as rain clouds before. It’s a gray creme that isn’t completely opaque, but not a jelly, giving it a misty look to it. Not sure if that’s intentional or not, though. It’s actually the other half of my first China Glaze polish. I ordered it along with For Audrey, so those two are my firsts. It was one of few grays out for a while, which was ahead of the trend that took the world by storm in ’10-’11.


Shower Together is a “sky blue” creme. Sheer and streaky and patchy and hard to build. There are many polishes this color with better formulas. Somehow I have two of these, and this swatch, taken just the other day, is the first time I’ve worn it. Not much to say about this one. Disappointing.


Solar Power is a “sunshine yellow” shimmer, which for a yellow, doesn’t have the worst formula ever. Still a little uneven and streaky, the shimmer is pretty. Doesn’t look good on my hands, but it’s sister yellow, Sunshine Pop from the Electropop collection is my favorite yellow.


Tree Hugger is described as “fresh cut grass” green. I mean, I’ve never seen grass that light colored before. But I get the point. Tree Hugger is a pretty spring green with light green shimmer. Looks pretty in pictures but horrendous, on me, in person. Looks cheap and gaudy on my hands, but a pretty color on others.


Unplugged is a “metallic bark.” Metallic bark? Okay, now I think they’re stretching! It’s a luxurious warm dark brown, slightly glowy. Almost a dark bronze, if that makes sense. If you look super close, you can see some slight streaking, but it’s not visible to the average eye. I hate browns on my nails, because it ages my hands, but this is red enough to look good. Wonderful formula. Really, really nice.

Now, Hybrid is the only one I don’t have. Hybrid is described as a “shimmering sand.” If you look up swatches, it’s totally a color I’d love. I think the only reason I don’t have it so far is because whenever I’m in Sally’s, it’s out of stock.

Do you have any of this collection? I’m only one polish away from owning a complete collection. I usually don’t buy the pinks or reds, so I don’t have complete collections.

Hope you’re having a wonderful day!
Britni Rose


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