SquareHue: March 2013 O’Hue Collection | Swatches, Photo, and Review


Hi guys! This post is going to be (hopefully) short on words. This is SquareHue’s March polishes, called the O’Hue Collection. Enjoy!IMG_8179 IMG_8183IMG_8197 IMG_8204 IMG_8202

Blond Ale is a gold champagne shimmer. Prettier in person, looks a little “cigarette smoker” in pictures. Which is a shame. It has a wonderful natural sparkle to it, but comes off a little frosty in the picture. But either way, great formula and no visible brush strokes.

IMG_8196 IMG_8206 IMG_8208

Amber Lager is a gorgeous copper/bronze/rust color, just the perfect color for a lager as well. A pretty metallic, no brush strokes or anything. Just a super pretty color. Looks gorgeous in the bottle, too. The shimmer reflects off the bottle and looks almost gold, which you can see a little bit. No duochrome or anything though.

IMG_8195 IMG_8214 IMG_8219

Patty’s Pint is a stunning, absolutely perfect in every way, shimmery yummy goodness of an emerald. This is what they mean by “color of the year.” Truly deep and just… stunning.

Now, I know this is an Irish-St. Patty’s themed box, so I do wish there were a kelly green, maybe instead of Amber Lager, as this is almost spring, and bronzes are kind of… meh to me right now. However, I’ve mentally pictured a thousand different combinations of these three polishes, and they all go perfectly together. SquareHue knows what it’s doing.

I’ll state it again. This is an amazing service, the best I’ve experienced yet. Totally worth the full price of $21 a month. You get three on/ahead-of-trend polishes with beyond superb formulas in the most simple packaging. And the square bottle is to die for. It’s so clear and pretty. No need to distract from the polishes. Definitely try these guys out.

As a mini-update on my Battle of the Boxes (so many people are using that term, we need a new one…), I signed up for the Ipsy GlamBag, but I can’t stand a company that has a wait list after being on the market for so long. If I want it, I want it now. So I removed myself from the wait list, and will be signing up for another monthly nail polish service, the well known Julep Maven program. I really like their setup and perks of joining. More on that when I actually get it and try the service out.

Britni Rose


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