Hard Candy Nail Polishes | Swatches, Photos, Review

IMG_8231 IMG_8237 IMG_8236 IMG_8234

Crush On Lava is a GORGEOUS multi-chrome with a ton of different colors. Mostly burgundy, gold, yellow, green, purple, and red. That I can see, at least. Amazing formula. A steady hand can get away with one coat.

IMG_8239 IMG_8241

Jelly Bean Blue is a pastel blue base with tons of navy and azure glitters in there. This one you have to be patient with, or it doesn’t layer, it just globs together, which is functional but not pretty. You want that deep, layered look. Very nice polish.

IMG_8247 IMG_8249 IMG_8248


Masquerade is a rather sparse black microglitter in a clear base with larger red pieces. The red glitter is a bit hard to get even, and while this is buildable, it’s really a great topcoat.

IMG_8227 IMG_8230 IMG_8229 IMG_8228

Shot of Lemon is a really nice shimmer. Not attractive on the first coat, but pretty at about three. It’s a sheer, shimmery, jelly-like yellow. Perfect consistency. Not a bit streaky or patchy.

IMG_8243 IMG_8245 IMG_8244

Sparkle City is a silver glitter in a clear base with large black hex glitter mixed in. This was horrible. I had to fish the black glitter out, and I just don’t like the idea of silver and black. Rather boring, considering.

Britni Rose

SquareHue April 2013 Bloom Collection | Swatches, Photos, Review

Hey guys! I have so much to catch up on, so I’m just going to rapid-post a bunch of stuff. Here’s the April 2013 collection from SquareHue!



Yellow Submarine, Flower Power, Groovy Love

IMG_8636Yellow Submarine is a banana yellow shimmer with a bad formula. I mean, it’s on par with any other pastel yellow. Frankly, I give SquareHue credit for coming out of the gate with a yellow pastel shimmer as the first polish you pull out of the box.

Flower Power is a bright grass green creme. Pretty good formula, if you aren’t super patient, it can be a bit streaky. Pretty color.


Groovy Love is a bright lavender creme. Again, streaky, but not horrible. I barely have any purples, so I don’t have anything to compare it to, really.

Britni Rose

Lancôme Spring 2013 Vernis in Love Nail Wheel Swatches, Photo, Review

Again, super quick post, you guys gotta see these colors:IMG_8679


Rose Macaroon | A bright pink that leans warm.

Sugar Rose | A baby pink. You really have to build it up to see it. Pretty color though.

Peach Melodie | A bright red-orange.

Britni Rose

Lancôme Summer 2013 Vernis in Love Nail Wheel Swatches, Photos, Review

IMG_8676Hey guys! Today I have a mini-post for y’all. I plan on buying all of these, but I just had to post the nail wheels for you guys to see. These polishes are just too pretty. They all applied smoothly, though of course that’s on a plastic nail, not a real nail bed, so take that with a grain of salt. But they’re just so, so, so, so shiny! Like, you can almost see yourself.

Simply Aqua | A super pale blue, a little more pale than Essie’s Something Borrowed, a lot lighter than China Glaze’s Kinetic Candy.

Ultramarine Green | A bright blue mint. Not Tiffany blue, it’s not that green. It’s a true blue mint. Very clean and fresh-looking.

Aqua Bleu | A bright sky blue, leaning gray-purple. Almost cornflower.

Plunge Pool | A soft cobalt blue. The press pictures of this made it seem like a bright, vivid cobalt, but the bottle looks like a dusty blue, like a lighter China Glaze First Mate. However, once you get it on the nail (plastic) and it starts to shine, it’s an intense (but still soft, if that makes sense.) cobalt. So pretty.

I just needed you guys to see this. I know I’ve been absent- Lancome was in gift, so I was crazy busy for 23 days straight. Tomorrow is my first day off, really, this month. I have my blog folder full up on my computer though, so I have tons to post, just no time to write the post! I have so many product reviews coming up too.

You guys have a good night!
Britni Rose

Lancome Rouge In Love 146 Miss Coquelicot and 381 Violette Coquette


Today I have some Lancome lipsticks for you guys! I just got these after drooling over them for a long while. I couldn’t decide between Violette Coquette or 377 Midnight Rose… I went with Violette Coquette. But it was close.IMG_8549IMG_8550 IMG_8554

146 Miss Coquelicot is a poppy red creme. Super opaque, but it doesn’t sit heavy on the lip. I have, like, continuously dry lips, so they’re always flakey, and most of the Rouge in Love colors just put a spotlight on those problem areas. This one does not.

381 Violette Coquette is a vivid, true purple. This actually is the exact color in the photo- normally purples end up a completely different color. This one, plus my natural lip pigmentation turns it a gorgeous rose color after a while, even though it starts out that bright purple.

The whole Rouge in Love line is extremely comfortable. It claims to have 6 hour wear, but I find it to be more like 4, then a light stain is left for a while. However, I apply a layer, blot, then use my finger to press setting powder over the entire lip and super lightly blending it out, so it is a thin layer of powder setting the color underneath. Then I apply another layer, blot, then I’m on my way. Using this method I can get any lipstick to last at least six hours. When I wore Rouge in Love in 377 Midnight Rose home from work using powder in between layers, it lasted for 14 hours with only a tiny bit of fading around the edges. I had to use two different eye makeup removers to get it off. I thought I had a permanent lip tattoo. So maybe that isn’t the best way to wear these, especially if you plan on changing your lip color sometime in the day!

So, yeah, rambling contained. These lipsticks feel super light, like a balm, just like Lancome claims they do. They don’t dry out my lips, and my lips are suuuper sensitive. The come in a ton of colors, and they have a gorgeous, gorgeous packaging to them. They last a long time, and fade evenly down to a stain. The only downside is that if you have texture to your lips, a la Angelina Jolie, or they’re just temperamental and flaky, a few of the lighter colors, and maybe even some of the darker ones, will make those lines and problems stand out a bit more.

Available: $26.50 at Lancôme counters everywhere. All colors (that they’ve released so far) are all permanent shades.

Britni Rose

China Glaze Fast Track | Swatches, Photos, and Review

IMG_8136 IMG_8137 IMG_8138 IMG_8139This is Fast Track from China Glaze’s Hunger Games collection. Colours from the Capital or Capital Colors. Whichever they ended up using. Super pretty medium beige with tons and tons of pale gold shimmer. It’s so pretty and neutral. This picture pulls out the red in my hands, but it looked fine to the eye.

Britni Rose


China Glaze Metro Collection Reswatches | Swatches, Photos, Review

IMG_8424 IMG_8425 IMG_8426 IMG_8427

CG In the City | A multi-colored glitter containing silver, gray, purple, lavender, and maybe black glitter.


City Siren | A cool deep red. Absolutely gorgeous. Perfect formula, one of my favorites.


Concrete Catwalk | A blue-toned deep, luxurious gray. The formula was so creamy and easy to apply.


Midtown Magic | A dark, dark brown base loaded with all different kinds of glitter. I can pick up some gold, red, green, and maybe a purple or blue? Amazing formula, again. This would be the perfect polish, but in some lighting this just looks like a black creme. So, so pretty though.


Trendsetter | A yellow olive creme base with either gold or yellow glitter. It’s one of those ugly-pretty colors. You definitely have to be in the mood to wear this one!


Westside Warrior | A deep military green. Not quite olive drab-in certain lighting, more evergreen in others.

Britni Rose

China Glaze Rare & Radiant and Deviantly Daring | Swatches, Photos, and Review

IMG_6295Just a quick post. A manicure I found hiding in a folder. It’s from a while ago- I just remember that the formulas were good. This is China Glaze Rare & Radiant, you know, one of the thousand Chanel Peridot dupes. It’s pretty and all, but I prefer Deviantly Daring, a turquoise/azure/teal duochrome. Both are from the New Bohemian collection.

Britni Rose