Lancôme Summer 2013 Vernis in Love Nail Wheel Swatches, Photos, Review

IMG_8676Hey guys! Today I have a mini-post for y’all. I plan on buying all of these, but I just had to post the nail wheels for you guys to see. These polishes are just too pretty. They all applied smoothly, though of course that’s on a plastic nail, not a real nail bed, so take that with a grain of salt. But they’re just so, so, so, so shiny! Like, you can almost see yourself.

Simply Aqua | A super pale blue, a little more pale than Essie’s Something Borrowed, a lot lighter than China Glaze’s Kinetic Candy.

Ultramarine Green | A bright blue mint. Not Tiffany blue, it’s not that green. It’s a true blue mint. Very clean and fresh-looking.

Aqua Bleu | A bright sky blue, leaning gray-purple. Almost cornflower.

Plunge Pool | A soft cobalt blue. The press pictures of this made it seem like a bright, vivid cobalt, but the bottle looks like a dusty blue, like a lighter China Glaze First Mate. However, once you get it on the nail (plastic) and it starts to shine, it’s an intense (but still soft, if that makes sense.) cobalt. So pretty.

I just needed you guys to see this. I know I’ve been absent- Lancome was in gift, so I was crazy busy for 23 days straight. Tomorrow is my first day off, really, this month. I have my blog folder full up on my computer though, so I have tons to post, just no time to write the post! I have so many product reviews coming up too.

You guys have a good night!
Britni Rose


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