Wet N Wild Fergie Collection Nail Polish: Glowstick | Swatches, Photos, Review


Glowstick is a bright lime green with gold shimmer.


The picture above shows some visible nail line and brushstrokes, which you can’t see in person. This color is so, so, so pretty! It’s so bright, and the formula is so nice. It’s like butter. And the price?! I’ll be buying more of Fergie’s collection with Wet N Wild. Not only does WnW have their A-game out, but Fergie is just such a girl after my own heart. I don’t hold extremely high hopes for the more boring polishes in the collection, but we’ll just have to see for ourselves, won’t we?

Britni Rose

Wet N Wild Color Icon | Swatches, Photos, Review

IMG_8561 IMG_8557

9021Orange is a super summery orange shimmery sparkley wonder. It’s very much like Zoya’s famous sparkle finish. I’m sure there’s a Zoya color like this, but I can’t recall the name. Tanzy is more foil-y I think. (EDIT: Oh hey, look! An entire page that gives me the answer without frying my brain.) I was thinking of Gabrielle, but Tanzy and OC Cooler are probably closer. I love, love, love this type of finish.

Sidenote: Totally thought I had Zoya Tanzy. I don’t! I’ll remedy that.

Britni Rose

Lancome Spring 2013 Wedding Day Collection | Swatches, Photos, Review


Lancôme is releasing a little bridal collection this spring, which is a line of six pearl-finished polishes.


521M Miss Porcelaine | Lancôme describes it as a “light pastel nude.” I’d describe it better as a pearlized light champagne or deep ivory. Great formula, very little brushstrokes. Really catches the light.

224M Beige Bachelorette | Lancôme describes it as a “medium pastel beige.” I’d say that’s about right. Almost brushstroke-free. It’s a very “mannequin-hands” color for me.

(The pink isn’t part of the Wedding Day collection, but I believe it’s Rose Plumeti, a soft rose pearl.)


435B Lilac Love | Lancôme describes it as a “light pastel purple.” Which is the most generic description ever. It’s a light pearlized lilac. Quite a bit of brushstrokes, and not too unlike Julep Alice (REVIEW COMING SOON)

533B I Do, Blue | Described by Lancôme as a “light pastel blue,” it’s a brushstrokey, almost just straight-up frosty light blue.

537N Pearl Grey | This one is described as a “light pearl grey.” Now… this is a medium grey taupe color. It’s barely gray at all. It actually is very close to China Glaze Ingrid, but without the gold shimmer. The brushstrokes in this one are barely visible, and I really, really like this color. However. The undertones in this fight with the undertones in my skin, and just makes my skin look dirty. Which is very, very depressing.

Britni Rose