Product Review: Cenoire ELUO Ultra | Photos, Swatches, Review

IMG_9398 IMG_9402 IMG_9405 IMG_9406Hey guys! My little brother graduated today! So today I’m bringing you a special review — Cenoire sent me their Eluo Ultra sonic travel toothbrush to review, and unfortunately it’s taken me forever to get this up here. I judged it and it’s performance on three things— Is it convenient? Was the head functional? And last but not least: Does it look good? In the end I decided, what sets Eluo Ultra from other electric brushes?

Appearance— The Eluo Ultra comes in a sleek pencil tube in the color of your choosing. The one I was sent happened to be a bright pink, which isn’t the color I’d have chosen, it’s available in black, white, red, purple, and many more. The longer part of the tube is the cover, which is easily removable and reveals the head and power sections.

Convenience— The bottom section also pulls back, allowing access to the battery compartment. Eluo runs on one AA battery, which is provided. It has one waterproof button that has two parts. An on/off button and a speed adjuster. The top of the cover has holes for ventilation.

Head— The head of Eluo is it’s downfall for me. It’s head is a teeny little thing, and its highest point is in the middle. That makes it uncomfortable and bouncy when the power is on. I also prefer a soft brush, but this is rather stiff. If it had a different brush head, I think that I would have found a new replacement for my usual.

Performance— Overall, I feel like Eluo is great for those who don’t spend much time in the morning getting ready, as it’s high speed is really fast and while it definitely cleans, it doesn’t feel completely clean as my manual brush does, but that’s psychological, and went away after a few days use.

Cenoire Eluo Ultra is available for $29.99 USD at

Britni Rose

(Product sent for review)


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