Lancôme Product Review


Hello my friends! Today I have a gorgeous bag of Lancôme goodies to review. Full disclaimer: yes, I used to work for Lancôme. Yes, I have used some of these products before. Yes, I love Bi-Ficil. But believe it or not, I’ve never used any of the others for an extended period of time. And so, here we go.

First up is Lancôme Absolue Premium ßx Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 15.

Texture, scent, and appearance-wise, this is on par with all other Lancôme creams, meaning that they’re quite moisturizing and feel heavy at first, but quickly sink in and hydrates for a long time. Absolute is the anti-aging, hydrating, repairing, do-it-all, top-of-the-line collection from Lancôme. It helps with firmness, elasticity, hydration, luminosity, and on and on. I regularly use Lancôme’s High Resolution line, and Absolue is a bit thicker, a bit more hydrating, but I didn’t personally notice any plumping or more or less suppleness, but my only real concern with my skin is translucency and hydration, which this did continue to do in place of High Res.

Basically, this is a gorgeous moisturizer that does do what it claims, and does separate itself from Lancôme’s other lines, which is something I feel can be rare for a company.

The biggest issue I have with this moisturizer is that it does contain Hydrolyzed Malt Extract, meaning it is derived from barley, a gluten grain. Meaning I can’t use it for more than three days without a serious breakout.

The other issue is being the price. 0.5 oz is priced at $50, 1.7 oz at $166, and 2.6 at $196.

Next up is Lancôme’s Advanced Génefique Youth Activating Serum. This is one that I’ve never actually used! Chiefly because I’m a Visionnaire user, and the second any Génefique that enters my house is immediately kidnapped and used by my mother. She cannot live without it. I hid this one on her so I could be sure to have a chance to try it.

To test this, as with Absolue, I quit use of Visionnaire for the week.

The texture of this is different from Visionnaire, where Vis is a thicker gel, where this is much more of a “lotion”, watery serum, a la Advanced Night Repair from Estee Lauder (another favorite of mine). At first it just sat on my skin and I was a little disappointed, but then about 15 seconds in, you can feel your skin drink it in, and you’re left with a soft-tacky feel that completely fades away once you have your moisturizer on. It did give my skin a lovely translucency and “inner glow” without being slick or shiny. I absolutely adore this serum and am now pairing it with Visionnaire, as Vis is better at pores and skintone, where Genefique is more firmness, glow, and works with Visionnaire as an extra boost of skin clarity. I’m so, so happy with my skin right now. If you can get a chance to try this, I absolutely will recommend it.

The pricing on this one is much easier to chew on. $78 – 175 for 1.0-3.4 oz.

Confession time: I’ve never ever touched a self-tanner before. I’m extremely pale and I’ve never fought it. So all I can truly say about this is that it smelled nice, had a thin texture that spread evenly, and that it deepened my skin by about 2-3 shades. I have nothing to compare this to, so… I mean… yeah.

I apparently can’t take clear pictures of my arm either…

$38.00 for 1.7 oz

Britni Rose

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