Review: Nautica Voyage Sport


Picture provided by press release. I took pictures but they’re worthless. My lighting is crap since my hiatus ended and I’m generally not awake for sunlight hours. 😉

Today I have Nautica’s Voyage Sport Eau de Toilette to review. It’s new for 2016, and is meant to “capture the mind, body, and heart it takes to endure and push beyond one’s own limits.” I love fragrance releases with that kind of tagline.

It opens with pure, cool accents of Sea Spray Accord and Sea Salt. This invigorating breath of fresh air is enhanced with doses of spicy Coriander and crisp Citrus Zest. The heart is a powerful aromatic combination of Geranium, Green Peppercorn, Apple and Palm Leaves, reinforcing the fragrances bold and lush freshness. The base is a vibrant and magnetic blend of Brazil Wood, Musk, Patchouli and Vetiver.

Notes | The citrus and geranium are very present at the front, with a bit of vague sea-type notes. I can definitely grab apple and vetiver as well, along with some woods and musk at the bottom. I can’t normally pick up coriander, nor can I really ever recognize patchouli, of all notes!

Longevity | I say this is fairly long-lasting. I say maybe 6 hours or so?

Sillage | This one is kind of… I don’t know. There’s like… perfumes, and then there’s “regular” scents. I think of heavy, noticeable fragrances as more of a perfume (think Chanel Chance line, Lancôme La Vie Est Belle, YSL Opium, etc) versus just regular old mass fragrances (most celebrity/teen scents, Adidas, etc). This leans more towards cheaper, more mass market level sillage. It sits nothing like it’s pillar fragrance, the original Nautica Voyage. Lasts much longer than the citrusy-watery cousin, Acqua di Gio.

Final Notes | I feel like they’re trying to add more onto the Voyage name, and it’s just… It’s alright, but not really worth the price tag. Wait a while and grab it when it’s on clearance shelves…

Nautica Voyage Sport is available for $62.50 at Walgreens.

This product was provided for me to review. For more information, please read this.


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